Ryan Garcia threatens Joe Rogan & claims he’s “scared” to have him on podcast

Connor Bennett
Joe Rogan and Ryan Garcia talking into mics on podcasts

Joe Rogan has been threatened by boxing star Ryan ‘KingRy’ Garcia, with the former WBC lightweight champion saying he’d “KO” the JRE host unless he allows him onto the podcast. 

Alongside being one-third of the UFC’s main broadcast team, Joe Rogan has some genuine credentials when it comes to Mixed Martial Arts. The podcasting giant has competed in taekwondo and kickboxing and regularly rolls with MMA fighters when they’re a guest on his show. 

The Joe Rogan Experience host still trains regularly in kickboxing too, often posting videos of his grueling workout sessions to social media. At times, he’s been asked if he’d step into the crossover fight world, with many fans previously asking him to take on Jake Paul. 

Now, though, another crossover fight has been thrown his way by former WBC lightweight boxing champion Ryan Garcia. 

Garcia, 27, is coming off the back of a massive victory over the previously undefeated Devin Haney, and used that as an opportunity to call out Rogan.

“I would KO you so quick, but nice kicks fam,” the boxer commented on Rogan’s latest workout video. Though, he added he would relent if the JRE host invited him onto the podcast. “I’ll have mercy if you let me on the show,” he concluded. 

Screenshot of Joe Rogan instagram video fighting with ryan garcia comment on right hand side
Garcia claimed he’d “KO” Rogan unless he invites him on.

Garcia didn’t stop there, though, as he also took his beef with Rogan to Twitter. The lightweight claimed that the UFC commentator is “scared” of him

Though, he also made a further, more bizarre claim about why he isn’t being invited on. “I figured it out. Someone put a spell on Joe Rogan to not let me on,” the boxer added.

As per JRELibrary, a stats site about guests and episodes of the podcast, there aren’t any other boxers scheduled to make an appearance anytime soon.

Though, with the Jake Paul and Mike Tyson superfight around the corner, maybe Joe might want some expert insight from Garcia. We’ll just have to wait and see if that supposed ‘spell’ is lifted.