Joe Rogan loses number 1 Spotify podcast spot to former YouTube star

Connor Bennett
Joe Rogan looking skyward while smiling behind microphone

Joe Rogan has been knocked off the top of the Spotify charts by a brand-new podcast from an ex-YouTube star, but it comes with a slight catch. 

When Joe Rogan first started the Joe Rogan Experience podcast over a decade ago, it was mainly about sharing wacky stories with his fellow comedians while also testing different bits and jokes for their shows. 

Since then, the JRE Podcast has become the podcast in the world, covering all corners of the internet and life over the last few years. That hasn’t stopped with his Spotify exclusivity deal either, as Rogan has managed to bring in millions of subscribers to the streaming network. 

Naturally, the UFC commentator has continued to dominate the charts too, but there are times when he slips off the top spot and is replaced by something new – even if it is ever so briefly. 

Joe Rogan dethroned by Burnie Burns’ podcast on Spotify charts

Well, that’s because the case again recently, as Rogan has been displaced off the top of the Spotify charts in the UK by former Rooster Teeth Executive Producer Burnie Burns. 

Burns, who was one of the original founders of the production company, had taken a hiatus from the internet after departing RT in late 2020. At the end of 2023, he launched his new podcast Morning Somewhere, and that has jumped above Rogan – at least in the UK. 

The JRE Podcast still holds the top spot in the United States, for example, and has also recently regained top spot in Australia from Burns’ new podcast. Though, he lags behind in Ireland too. 

Screenshot of UK Spotify podcast charts with Morning Somewhere above Joe Rogan
The Rooster Teeth founder is above Rogan – at least in the UK.

As noted, Rogan’s slip does happen every now and again, and the UK is typically the main market where it happens. He’s been beaten by fellow comedians and other YouTubers in recent months. 

His contract with Spotify is reportedly up in 2024, and it’ll be interesting to see if it’s renewed or if Rogan moves back to being on a range of platforms. We’ll just have to wait and see.