Joe Rogan baffled by how “crazy” Warzone cheating has become

Michael Gwilliam
joe rogan shocked by warzone cheaters

Even Joe Rogan can’t believe how out-of-control cheating in Call of Duty has become compared to back when he was an avid player.

World-famous podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan was stunned after seeing the extent to which players will go to to cheat in Warzone.

On the March 1 episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the former Fear Factor host spoke with comedian Dan Soder about Call of Duty and how players get upset as campers and snipers dominate games.

“You’re gonna get mad at snipers in a war? Shut the f**k up, that’s part of the war. Snipers and cheating,” he joked before turning his full attention onto hackers.

Joe Rogan stunned by modern Call of Duty cheaters

According to Rogan, cheating was a big issue back when he used to play too, but he had no idea that things had gotten so bad.

“There are bots. Guys would have these aim bots and they would never miss. So they would kill you and every time they kill you, they would be fully armored. They’d have all the weapons and then they’d know exactly where you’re gonna be and they’d kill you again, they’d kill you again, they’d kill you again,” he vented.

While the cheaters would eventually die, they’d just keep coming back, infuriating the JRE host, who was taken aback by the gameplay pulled up on screen.

Joe and Dan went on to learn that some people even subscribe to cheat providers each month giving them access to a suite of aimbots, wall hacks and other nefarious tools.

“That makes me mad,” Soder admitted.

“Those are all cheats?!” Joe gasped. “That’s crazy. How do you prevent that?”

Unfortunately for the CoD community, it doesn’t seem like even Activision has figured that out. Just recently, cheaters found a way to avoid RICOCHET anti-cheat completely.

Nadeshot even went as far as supporting ID requirements to play Call of Duty and prison sentences for anyone convicted of cheating in online games.

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