Joe Rogan brings back Carnivore Diet for 2022 with a twist

Joe Rogan on carnivore dietInstagram/JoeRogan

Famous podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan has announced the return of his famous Carnivore Diet for 2022, but this time he’s spicing things up a bit.

Joe Rogan marked both January 2020 and 2021 by embarking on the Carnivore Diet in honor of World Carnivore Month.

The Carnivore Diet is, as you might expect given the name, one where participants strictly eat meat or animal products such as milk and eggs for the entire month.

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Basically, it’s the opposite of being a vegan. Awesome. But for this go-around, Rogan will be adding his own unique touch to switch things up a tad.


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Joe Rogan adds fruits to Carnivore Diet

In a post on Instagram, the former Fear Factor host explained how he plans on changing things up while still celebrating the month by eating lots of meat.

“January is World Carnivore Month. This time I’m adding fruit to this diet,” he revealed. “Just meat and fruit for the whole month.”

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A little bit of sweetness could end up packing on just the extra kick Rogan is looking for, but it’s unclear how this will affect him.

Joe Rogan speaking on his podcastYouTube/PowerfulJRE
Joe Rogan is once again embarking on his Carnivore Diet.

In 2020, the podcaster lost a whopping 12 pounds, but admitted he had “ruthlessly explosive diarrhea for the first couple weeks” while partaking in it.

Commenters, however, are pleased with Rogan’s change. “I’m with you on this,” said fitness coach Mike Dolce. “A carnivore diet is ineffective as compared to an omnivorous diet. Adding high net nutrient fruit (and produce) to animal-based products is ideal.”

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We’ll have to see what happens with Joe Rogan this time around and if he has better results adding fruit to his meals in addition to meat.

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