JiDion breaks down in tears after claiming he “sold out” to advertisers

Emma Hill
JiDion breaks down in YouTube video

Popular YouTuber JiDion sent out an emotional apology to his fans as he admitted he had “sold out” to advertisers.

JidIon‘s popularity has skyrocketed in recent times. Although he already had a strong following, it was his drama with popular Twitch streamer Pokimane and his subsequent permanent ban from the Amazon-owned platform when things really kicked off.

Since then, the YouTube star has gone viral with his controversial antics across the world including when he stormed TommyInnit’s TwitchCon EU 2022 appearance and when he was kicked out of the US Open Grand Slam tournament.

However, in an unusual spin, fans saw a more tearful side to JiDion during his stream on September 10 in which he opened up about the pressures of creating content for advertisers.

JiDion vows to make more content for fans than ads

Speaking to his fans, JiDion issued an apology to fans claiming that he had “sold out” to advertisers. As a result, he hasn’t spent enough time on creating content for them.

“Bro, I am so f**king stressed,” he claimed. “I sold out, man. Like I’m valuing money and I’m taking the easy route over things. It’s sad because I only just recently realized that I sold out. I feel like that’s the saddest part about it.”

He added that the drama with Pokimane unexpectedly helped him explode in popularity in a way he never was expecting and that he supposedly wasn’t ready for.


According to the YouTuber, who has 1.85 million subscribers on the platform as of writing, explained that he recently was commissioned to create an ad for the NFL. However, despite working hard on it, the sport organization supposedly urged him to make it “more upbeat.”

The comment sparked him to think how he was “selling out” on his fanbase who he loves so much in order to fit in among the “top dogs.” As a result, he vowed to “go back to the basics” and focus more on his followers.

Although fans were worried about him, JiDion claimed that speaking up about his thoughts to his fans was helping him out enormously.

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