JiDion reveals TwitchCon footage after TommyInnit harassment accusations

JiDion reveals TommyInnit TwitchCon footageYouTube: JiDion

YouTuber JiDion has revealed the footage behind his viral visit to TwitchCon EU 2022, where he was notably escorted out of the venue after being accused of “harassing” fans.

JiDion made waves at TwitchCon EU this July after attendees accused him of “harassment” while they waited in line to meet Minecraft star and popular streamer TommyInnit.

Tommy himself addressed the accusations shortly thereafter, notably defending his fans and admitting that he was “pissed” over the incident.

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JiDion, however, promised to “disprove” the claims against him with a video published several weeks later… and on August 3, he finally went through with his word.

JiDion reveals TwitchCon footage

In his video, JiDion prefaced the footage by saying that he didn’t “fault” Tommy for taking his fans’ side during the initial ordeal last month, but continued to argue that he hadn’t harassed anyone.

“I’m not gonna lie — I’m not gonna fault Tommy for anything he said, because if I had a meet and greet and my fans were telling me that somebody was being rude to them and harassing and bullying them, I’m not even gonna try to look into the facts,” he said.

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“I’m gonna 100% agree with my boys and my supporters and I’m just gonna go crazy and probably say even worse stuff than he said about me. But in this case it’s not true, and I’ve got the footage in 4K to prove it.”

The following footage showed JiDion being escorted into the line by a TwitchCon staff member, who appeared to be a fan of the banned streamer. While standing in line, JiDion screamed and yelled out of excitement to meet Tommy, which appeared to disgruntle some of the fans waiting in line for the meet and greet.

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JiDion received several complaints from these fans, which resulted in a security staff member coming over to assess the situation. Nothing came of the complaints, though, and JiDion was able to eventually meet and take a photo with Tommy.

Tommy has yet to respond to JiDion’s latest video, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the latest updates from this ongoing story right here on Dexerto.

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