JiDion calls Twitch “racist” for permaban as streamer gets 7-day ban for sexual content

Lawrence Scotti

Streamer and YouTuber JiDion callled Twitch “racist” after the platform only banned a streamer for seven days after streaming sexual content, pointing to his permanent ban for what he sees as a far lesser offense.

2022 has been a tumultuous year for professional DeMarcus Cousins stan JiDion.

In mid-January, he received a permaban from Twitch after sending a hate raid towards fellow streamer Pokimane’s channel.

Despite his continued efforts since then to be unbanned on the platform, and even collaborating with Pokimane to squash the beef, he’s still banned on the platform with no hope of a return in sight.

Now, the 21-year-old has slammed Twitch as both racist and sexist.

JiDion has over 5.7 million subscribers on YouTube.

JiDion slams Twitch as “racist” and “sexist”

On August 25, Twitch streamer kimmikka was banned for one week after broadcasting a sexual act on her channel.

While the clip of the stream went viral overnight, JiDion was less than pleased at the punishment of one week while he sits in permanent Twitch purgatory.

He said, “A girl gets f**ked on stream, seven-day ban while I’m still here permabanned, Twitch is racist!”

JiDion then tweeted out the hashtag “TwitchIsSexist” and added, “Now we have them in 4K, I hope they try and ignore this one.”

Although his post was liked by over 150k Twitter users, his permaban on Twitch is still in place and unlikely to be overturned.

JiDion hopes that Twitch sees that he’s made amends with Pokimane over the hate raid incident and can be reinstated on the platform, although YouTube remains his primary location for content.

He has also called out YouTube in recent days, alleging that they have shown favoritism toward white creators, such as when Ludwig spoke to the CEO of YouTube.

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