Pokimane says she “fell into a depression” after Jidion Twitch hate raid

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys revealed that she “fell into a depression” after being hate raided by fellow streamer Jidion in January.

On January 13, Pokimane was forced to end her Twitch stream early after being targeted by a hate raid orchestrated by Jidion.

Jidion’s fans spammed her chat with derogatory messages and even came after Pokimane’s viewers, with the streamer claiming that her own fans had been extremely harassed.

The incident sparked a conversation regarding the treatment of women streamers and resulted in a slew of additional backlash against Pokimane across her social media platforms.

On February 15 — nearly a month after the hate raid drama went down — Anys opened up about how the situation affected her mental health, revealing that it had caused her to fall into a depression.

“When all the Jidion online hate stuff happened, bruh… I lowkey fell into a depression,” she said during a Twitch stream.

Pokimane staying on twitch
Pokimane is Twitch’s most-followed female streamer. She recently re-signed with the platform after he previous two-year contract with the platform expired.

Pokimane then showed her fans her daily step counts, using an app that tracked how many steps she’d taken each day.

She averaged around 8,000 steps per day in December, but when the hate raid took place in January, her steps dropped considerably.

“The way in which my steps perfectly reflect my mental health is insane,” she said.

Pokimane counting her steps
Pokimane showed her viewers how her daily step count reflected her mental health during the fallout of Jidion’s hate raid.

That’s not all; Pokimane even clapped back at a troll in her chat who asked, “Do you want a f**king medal for walking?” after she opened up about the ordeal.

“Do you want a f**king medal for being a f**king a**hole in someone’s chat?” she hit back after banning them. “They only cost like $20. Send me the addy, I got you!”

Luckily, it looks like Pokimane is back on her feet. She and Jidion have even made up, with the two teasing a totally unexpected collaboration earlier this month.

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