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Jessica Nigri’s Sirfetch’d Pokémon cosplay “leeks” coolness factor

Published: 10/Oct/2019 19:22 Updated: 7/Jan/2020 11:19

by Virginia Glaze


Jessica Nigri is one of the net’s most popular cosplayers, known for her strikingly accurate and unique takes on fan-favorite characters – and her latest costume is paying homage to a new face in the Pokémon universe.

Sirfetch’d is an evolution to the classic, leek-wielding Farfetch’d, hailing from the upcoming Sword and Shield iteration of the Pokémon series. He boasts an upgraded alternative to his plant-based weaponry. This is the first time the flying-type has received an evolution in the series’ history.

Sirfetch’d sports a spear and shield to match its proud, knowing expression, with many in the game’s community memeing about the Pokémon’s seemingly chivalrous personality in comparison to its original evolution.


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These memes did not go unnoticed by Nigri, who claimed that they had even inspired her to cosplay the creature, later posting a sneak peek of an amor build on September 29.

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Fans didn’t have to wait long for the full reveal, though, with Nigri uploading two separate photoshoots of her Sirfetch’d cosplay on October 10 – complete with the Pokémon’s signature, bold eyebrows.

In keeping with Sirfetch’d’s knightly appearance, Nigri’s take on the design includes a decorated visor, as well as an armored bikini top with winged epaulets on the shoulders.


Jessica Nigri, TwitterThis take on Sirfetch’d is certainly worthy of knighthood!

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With a green, white, and gold color scheme, Nigri’s initial “meme” cosplay turned out to be quite an impressive display of skill – one that saw contributions from other cosplayers toward its design.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time Nigri has cosplayed Sword and Shield’s upcoming Pokémon, by far: in fact, the cosplay star has whipped up costumes for Scorbunny and Grookey, leaving out just one of the game’s starters in her creative lineup of the humanoid critters.

Jessica Nigri, TwitterJessica Nigri stunned fans with her take on Sword and Shield’s Grookey starter.


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Sword and Shield have continued to pump out new takes on classic Pokémon that take the net by storm, with the latest release being the Galarian version of Ponyta.

These cotton candy unicorns are quickly becoming fan favorites across the community, and with Nigri known for pumping out top-quality cosplays at high speeds, there’s no telling what Pokémon she’ll take on next.