PewDiePie reveals he’s moving to Japan

Calum Patterson
PewDiePie finally moves to Japan

YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has opened up about his plans move to Japan in a recent livestream, discussing the plans for his move.

The YouTube sensation currently lives in the UK, and has done for many years, since moving from his home nation of Sweden. In fact, he has lived in a variety of countries, but his next move is set to be Japan.

Now married to long-time partner Marzia, who quit YouTube last year, PewDiePie’s love for Japan could mean a permanent move is on the cards. The pair spent their second honeymoon in the country in October.

Instagram: itsmarziapieThe newly-weds have visited Japan frequently.600

In his livestream on DLive on October 9, Kjellberg said that they are making plans to move “early next year”, and explains that they can hopefully take their dogs and sort VISAs to stay on a more permanent basis.

However, there are some roadblocks to this plan, as he explains, regarding acquiring the VISA, due to European law,

“We don’t know how long we’re going to stay in Japan,” PewDiePie said. “It depends on a lot of things like taxes and VISAs. Under EU law, I have to be in the UK for a certain amount of days or I’ll be taxed in another country.”

Instagram: itsmarziepiePewDiePie and Marzia have fallen in love with Japan.

He also explains that he “benefits from Brexit” because he “gets less taxes” but he doesn’t support it. “It feels so backwards, I don’t even know how we’ll work with countries, like that was the only good thing about Europe, that you can travel to other countries and live there if you wanted to.”

He also explained that, although he would love to do a house tour of their new Japanese abode, he is concerned that viewers would be able to determine his address.

He first revealed that they had bought a house in Japan in his September 30 video (timestamp at 19:07) but had not mentioned the potential move.

Their latest trip to Tokyo went well, with the exception of Marzia injuring herself after an accident with a knife, which apparently dropped and landed tip first in her toe.

She assured fans all was well though, and the newly-weds beamed about their trip on Instagram. PewDiePie did express some concerns about living there though, particularly the “conservative” culture, as he described it. Namely, Tattoos are often deemed inappropriate due to their historical ties to the Yakuza; Japanese criminal gangs.

As for the internet though, which is of course crucial in his line of work, Pewds says he believes it’s possibly better than his service in the UK, so he’s all covered on that front.