Jessica Nigri shows off fantastic Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplay

Jessica Nigri/TeeKetch

Grookey was one of the first Pokemon in the new Sword and Shield games to be revealed on February 27, 2019, and it didn’t take long for well-known cosplayer Jessica Nigri to put her own awesome spin on the character.

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Along with Scorbunny and Sobble, Grookey is one of the three starter Pokemon in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games.

She’s already tackled Scorbunny, and it looks like Grookey was the next Pokemon on Nigri’s cosplay list.

NintendoGrookey, far right, is one of the three starter Pokemon in the upcoming Sword and Shield titles.
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Grookey is the Leaf Type starter Pokemon, so it makes sense that Nigri included plenty of leaves and foliage in the cosplay.

The ears are spot on Grookey, and Nigri even thought to include the stick on the Pokemon’s head into her green hair.

Along with the tail it all comes together to make for one of, if not the most impressive Grookey cosplay since the character was unveiled in February.

Jessica Nigri/Martin Wong Photo[ad name=”article3″]

On Twitter, Nigri said she made the costume by herself and wanted to go with a more “earthy, cute, soft” vibe, and fans in the replies seem to agree that she killed it.

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Nigri is one of the most well-known cosplayers out there, and so far she’s knocked it out of the park with her Pokemon Sword and Shield cosplays.