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Jeffree star allegedly backs down from James Charles beef over fear of being “exposed”

Published: 25/May/2019 20:16 Updated: 25/May/2019 20:19

by Virginia Glaze


Popular beauty YouTuber James Charles made the comeback of a lifetime, following damaging allegations brought forward by fellow YouTubers Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star – the latter of whom claimed to have “receipts” that would expose Charles for “mass manipulation” of his fanbase.

However, Star quickly backed down from his vehement stance against Charles, uploading a YouTube video on May 19 calling for an end to the drama where he apologized to the young beauty guru.


“I don’t want to play the games anymore,” Star explained. “…I am not going to fuel this fire bigger so everyone can get more entertainment. Because, behind the scenes, this isn’t funny. These are our real lives.”

Despite his explanation, some sources are claiming that Star’s real reasons for stepping away from the drama were over fear of being “exposed” for certain dirt that Charles has on the makeup mogul.


Celebrity news outlet Hollywood Life reported that sources close to the matter claimed that Star had pulled out of the scandal for this very reason – a likely story, given that he suddenly changed his tune on the subject despite calling Charles a “predator” and a “danger to society” in now-deleted Tweets.

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Both Star and Tati have since moved away from the subject, with Tati stating that she will no longer make “any further public comments” on the matter following her “digital break” from social media.


James Charles’ comeback came as a major surprise to fans across the net, after Tati had accused the YouTuber of using his fame to “manipulate” the sexuality of straight men and promoting her direct competitor, ‘SugarBearHear,’ without proper warning – despite their former status as close friends.

Tati Westbrook, YouTubeThe longtime friendship between YouTubers Tati Westbrook and James Charles came to a grinding halt, after Westbrook made damaging claims against Charles in her viral “Bye Sister” video in early May.

Charles later debunked each and every claim Tati had made in a following video, where he used screenshots of texts as proof of his counterpoints, and even addressed allegations made by Star, in the process.

Although he lost nearly 3 million subscribers in wake of the debacle, Charles has since managed to regain his 15 million subscriber milestone following the release of his “No More Lies” video, despite doubts that he would ever recover from the drama.


Bert Kreischer & Annie Lederman explain why Joe Rogan is misunderstood

Published: 10/Oct/2020 15:26

by Georgina Smith


Comedians Bert Kreischer and Annie Lederman have shared their thoughts on why they believe people’s interpretations of popular podcaster Joe Rogan are often not representative of who he really is in real life.

Joe Rogan is now massively popular, largely thanks to his long-running podcast the Joe Rogan Experience. It launched over a decade ago in 2009, and since then has accumulated almost 10 million subscribers and 2.6 billion views.


While very popular, he has come under fire previously for hosting some polarizing guests, as well as various comments. With the recent announcement of the podcast’s move over to Spotify exclusively, many fans have accused the streaming service of censorship after several episodes of the JRE were missing from the full archives.

With these contrasting accounts of Joe as both a victim and a perpetrator of controversy, it remains unclear to which of these accounts he best fits.

Joe Rogan next to the spotify logo
YouTube: Joe Rogan Experience / Spotify
Joe Rogan slammed claims that Spotify were trying to censor him.

In episode 433 of Bert Kreischner’s podcast, he along with Annie Lederman who have both previously been guests on the JRE and have a degree of friendship with him, spoke about why they feel that Joe is often misunderstood.

“People’s interpretations of Rogan are very funny,” Annie began, “they’re just not ever correct. He’s such a nicer guy than people think he is.”

“I gave up listening to that dialogue,” Bert said, “I think I was a little closer to it in different times because of my interactions with Joe. I’ve known Joe for a long time. We did Sober October, and I talked sh*t about him on social media during that time.”


“I’m very intimate with the level of adoration he gets based on the hate I got when I talked sh*t about him.” However Bert did stress that he “was joking, I thought everyone would see that as a joke.”

Annie later went on to explain that “more than I think people realize, he’s very tapped out of the comments and stuff.” She recalled a situation where she suggested that he take down a post of hers he’d retweeted after people started complaining because “he didn’t see that people were coming at him.”


The Joe Rogan Experience is now on its 1547th episode, with the whole catalog of previous episodes as well as all future episodes to be migrated exclusively to Spotify by the end of the year.