Jeffree Star threatens to expose “receipts” in response to James Charles drama

Virginia Glaze
Jeffree Star, Instagram / James Charles, YouTube

Popular beauty YouTubers James Charles and Tati Westbrook are in the middle of a fierce feud, which saw the involvement of makeup mogul Jeffree Star – who claims to have serious “receipts” in store to expose Charles for his “manipulation.”

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Star posted a Tweet on May 18 in response to Charles’ 40-minute-long “No More Lies” video, which addressed claims made by Tati that he had used his fame to “manipulate” straight men’s sexuality and promoted a product from her direct competitor without fair warning.

However, Charles’ video appeared to debunk nearly all of Tati’s claims – but Star isn’t buying his explanations.

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Star’s Tweet claimed that he had “really sad, disgusting things” to show fans in response to Charles’ video, claiming that the young YouTuber had just “mass manipulated” all of his fans.

“Everyone keeps asking me for my RECEIPTS,” Star wrote. “I have so much to say and some really sad, disgusting things to show you guys. James Charles tried to mass manipulate you all today. When I show you the proof and WHY I tweeted that tweet about him, you will all finally understand.”

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Star likewise published a Tweet shortly after Charles’ video went live, assuring fans that “there are always two sides to every story.”

Star played a big role in the later portion of Charles’ video, as well, with Charles showing a slew of text messages from Star accusing him of “trapping” a boy in his hotel room and “using sentences a rapist would use” toward Zach, the younger brother of Star’s longtime boyfriend.

In fact, Charles claimed that Jeffree had encouraged him to pursue Zach, as evidenced by his statement in a collaborative video the two published prior to the drama – despite Zach identifying as “mostly straight.”

James’ own little brother was also dragged into the mix, after Star quote replied to his Tweet, calling James a “predator” and telling him to “shut the fuck up.”

Jeffree Star, Twitter / James Charles, YouTube

Star likewise accused Charles of trying to “molest and touch” YouTuber Grayson Dolan in his sleep – a claim that Charles vehemently denied, claiming that “nothing ever happened between us.”

Charles has since seen a major rise in subscribers following the release of his video, but with Jeffree’s “receipts” still pending, the story has yet to fully unfold.