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JakeNBake meets dancing “Dr Disrespect” in Japanese street

Published: 31/Oct/2019 16:24 Updated: 31/Oct/2019 17:54

by Michael Gwilliam


IRL Twitch streamer JakeNBake was celebrating Halloween in Tokyo’s Shibuya district on October 31 when he came across a partier dressed as Dr Disrespect

Shibuya is becoming one of the best places on the planet to celebrate the holiday and Jake was there in the flesh to take in the sights. 

While walking through the commercial and business district dressed as Heihachi from the fighting game franchise Tekken, Jake came into contact with a man dressed as extremely popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect. 

Although this costume lacked the iconic red that the two-time wears during his broadcasts, this party-goer opted for a slick blazer-wearing Doc while keeping the hair and sunglasses intact.

Jake tried to explain the costume to his friends, but noted the man lacked Doc’s 6’8 frame. “I know how to fix this,” one of Jake’s friends suggested and motioned for the streamer to bend down to give the illusion the costume-wearer was taller than he actually was. 

“You’re so long, man!” Jake joked while crouching.

“Special effects, CGI,” ‘Dr Disrespect’ chirped back, referencing Doc’s incredible production quality during broadcasts. 

“Damn, we got to see the Doc, chat. He really is 6’8. Look at this vertical leap,” Jake replied, getting the cosplayer to jump in the air. 

The conversation then turned to whether or not a 37’ vertical leap was actually that impressive – something the real Doc often touts he is able to do as part of his schtick. 

“I can definitely do three feet,” Jake said. 

“Listen, unless you’re a f***ing like full-time athlete, you cannot jump that high,” the man in the Doc costume informed him. 

Eventually, Jake did his best jump, but came nowhere close to eclipsing three feet, showcasing just how impressive Doc’s claim really was.

While the Doc-impersonator wasn’t able to jump as high as the real thing, he put his dancing skills to the test shortly thereafter when music began to play. 

The costumed two-time started randomly dancing in the street, causing people around him to stop what they were doing and take notice.

In the end the musical stunt even earned a high-five from Jake who was super impressed by his performance. 

It would be interesting to see if the real thing can match the dancing skills shown by one of his fans. It doesn’t help that the cosplayer had one of Twitch’s best platforms to show what he’s made of. According to the third-party website TwitchMetrics, JakeNBake is the 7th most-watched English Just Chatting channel and has over 400,000 followers on the streaming platform. 


xQc explains why he actually likes strict Cyberpunk 2077 streaming rules

Published: 3/Dec/2020 6:35

by Brad Norton


CD Projekt Red just unveiled details surrounding content creation and early access for Cyberpunk 2077. While many believe the guidelines to be quite strict, Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has explained why he actually likes them.

There’s no denying Cyberpunk 2077 is one the most hotly anticipated games in quite some time. After all, it has been seven years since the reveal trailer. The gaming industry has been salivating over every little detail since, and in a matter of days, it’ll finally be out in the wild.

Before we get to the December 10 release date, however, a few lucky individuals have already secured some early copies. Be it through accidental early shipping, or popular content creators being provided early access. Regardless of how people got their hands on it, everyone has to follow a set of strict rules.

Failing to do so will be met with harsh consequences. While various streamers were initially against this kind of approach, one of the biggest names on Twitch has spoken out in favor of CD Projekt Red’s decision. Here’s why xQc actually prefers the strict guidelines.

“Our ambition is for gamers all across the world to have the same – spoiler-free – experience at the time the game releases,” the devs shared in a December 2 post. As a result of this goal, no one is allowed to stream or release content before the December 9 embargo that drops at 3 AM PT.

Anyone that goes against this ruling will be met with copyright strikes and potentially face further legal action. Obviously, once this deadline expires, they want everyone to be sharing their experiences “like there’s no tomorrow.”

Reacting to the news, xQc explained why this approach is far better from a streamer’s perspective. In order to stream various other titles as soon as possible, xQc has had to jump through some hurdles.

“The only games I got to stream early… I literally had to get someone’s account from New Zealand, pay them so they buy the game on my account, get the account back, change password, log in, and play early.”

For other streamers, they’re often given early access codes. That’s never quite been the case for xQc though. Instead, he has to go about things in a more convoluted way. Manually accessing the game through a New Zealand-based account, the region where games unlock ahead of every other country. 

“I had to even out the playing field,” he explained. But thanks to these new guidelines from CD Projekt Red, that won’t be an issue with the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. “I’m happy that [they] took action in making sure the playing field is even across the board for the consumers.”

“It’s better for everybody,” he added before going off on another tangent. Currently investing his time into GTA V, it’s clear that xQc is eager to take a trip down to Night City. Expect to see him, along with practically every other streamer, jumping into Cyberpunk 2077 as soon as the December 9 embargo comes to an end.