Instagram model’s Dad roasts viewers watching her Twitch stream

Instagram model Miss Angelique was just as stunned as many of her viewers when her Dad not only hijacked one of her Twitch sessions, but also started to interrogate everybody watching. 

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The 27-year-old streamer can regularly be seen hosting streams in the Just Chatting and Fitness Fun sections on Twitch, racking up over 30,000 followers on her channel since she started. 

During a broadcast on October 30, the streamer was dressing up a number of other people, getting them ready for Halloween, before she introduced her father to everybody watching at home. It’s fair to say that the mood of the whole thing changed very rapidly, soon after that. 

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In what turned out to be a hilarious intervention from her Dad, he started to question the reason why people were tuning in.

Miss Angelique has been seen to host live dancing and yoga sessions for her fans in the past, and it seems he wasn’t too happy about what could be happening on the other side of people’s screens. After the camera was set on him, revealing his funky top hat look, he decided to take fans to task.

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“Hi everybody, do you have your pants on?” he said, before bursting into laughter. 

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He added: “I’m very concerned. I want to make sure that you all have your pants on. This is my daughter and you better not be sitting there doing anything you shouldn’t be doing when you’re with my kid.”

The store she was streaming at is actually owned by her Dad, according to Miss Angelique, so it would have come as no surprise to see him feature once again later in the stream. 

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However, not many of his further cameos could quite top this one. The streamer left the store for a few moments to recover, before continuing to show people around and pick out outfits for them. 

Her Dad didn’t just have the best jokes, but the best costume as well. 

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