Amouranth loses 300,000 Twitch followers overnight

Published: 31/Oct/2019 13:26 Updated: 1/Nov/2019 2:32

by Calum Patterson


Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth‘ Siragusa has had almost 300,000 followers removed from her channel, shortly after receiving a massive boost after a controversial ban.

Returning from a three-day ban in mid-September, Amouranth became by far the fastest-growing streamer on Twitch, gaining a total 410,000 in the seven days after her return.

Despite the huge gain, and with no relative increase in her average viewership, there was little reason to suspect anything odd – given how viral the controversy surrounding her ban had become. Google searches for her name had skyrocketed, for example, something she pointed out herself.

However, it appears that all was not as it seemed, as her channel has since had a whopping 292,000 followers (approximately) removed in one fell swoop on October 29.

It’s unknown at this time why the followers have disappeared from the channel, but it is clear that it was not a natural occurrence of users opting to unfollow, given the mass exodus on the same day.

Stat tracking site SocialBlade shows the removal of over 2,000 followers on October 24, and further 290,000 on October 29.

SocialBladeAmouranth’s Twitch follower count took a massive hit on October 29.

Despite the removal of almost 300,000 followers, Amouranth’s channel has still had a net gain following her ban, but only of around 40,000, rather than the 400,000 that was originally seen in the seven days after her ban.

Some users had already pointed out that the massive increase was somewhat suspect, given the lack of a noticeable increase in viewership.

Her channel’s total follower count is now 1,220,537 – at the time of writing – down from a peak of 1,510,501.

SullyGnomeThe massive spike in followers occured shortly after the streamer returned from a ban.

It’s possible that Amouranth’s channel was hit by follow bots, with the timing of such an attack very coincidental, lining up perfectly with her return after the ban.

Dexerto has reached out to Twitch, but at the time of writing, the reason for the mass loss of followers is undetermined.


Tommyinnit reveals he used to stream snipe Shroud before he was famous

Published: 20/Jan/2021 11:22 Updated: 20/Jan/2021 11:27

by Calum Patterson


Tommyinnit might be the most popular streamer on Twitch right now, averaging over 200,000 concurrent viewers for his sporadic Minecraft streams, but it turns out he used to be a massive shroud fanboy. In fact, he was one of shroud’s infamous stream snipers.

Stream sniping is the practice of using a streamer’s broadcast to gain information about the game they are playing – either to get an unfair advantage, or simply to join their game and troll them.

During the height of PUBG’s popularity in 2017, shroud was the biggest streamer on Twitch, and had an army of loyal stream snipers who would try endlessly to get into his matches.

Shroud’s stream snipers weren’t like others though – instead of trying to kill him, they would sing him songs, give him weapons and armor, or try to save his life when under attack.

Tommyinnit stream sniping shroud
Twitch: Shroud
Tommyinnit would get into shroud’s game’s to troll.

Tommyinnit admits shroud stream sniping

Although it’s against the rules of most games and of Twitch itself, Tommyinnit has admitted that when he was 14, back in 2017, he loved both PUBG and shroud, and would spend hours up late trying to get into his games.

And he was successful too – often matching up with him, and trying to save his life from actual enemies attacking him. Shroud eventually became familiar with Tommy’s name, and would say hello to him. In a video on his second channel, Tommyoutit, came clean about all of his stream sniping antics.

In one session, shroud even talked to Tommy about playing Minecraft, the game that he’s so well-known for now.

But, it turns out that Tommyinnit made this video because it wasn’t just years ago in PUBG that he was stream sniping shroud. When he recently saw shroud on a Minecraft server with proximity chat, he had to try it again for old times sake.

Unfortunately, shroud didn’t seem to be enjoying himself at all this time around, and soon after left the server – though not before killing Tommyinnit’s character, twice.

Although stream sniping is technically against the rules on Twitch, we’re sure the platform will let this one slide, as it was all in good fun. The real question is whether shroud has made the connection that one of his old stream snipers is now one of the biggest names on Twitch alongside him.