Shroud forced to take short break from streaming due to injury

Published: 31/Oct/2019 10:26 Updated: 31/Oct/2019 12:00

by Matt Porter


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has revealed that he’s been advised by doctors to take a short break from streaming on Mixer following a visit to urgent care on Tuesday, October 29.

Shroud is one of the most popular streamers in the world, and recently made headlines when he announced that he had signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft’s Mixer platform, and would be leaving Twitch with immediate effect.

The former CS:GO professional has already started broadcasting on the platform, but those who head to his Mixer channel over the next few days hoping to get their fill of the “human aimbot” will find it offline following his visit to the doctor.

Twitch: shroudShroud was forced to visit a doctor after suffering from back pain.

Where is shroud?

In a tweet posted on October 30, the Canadian explained that he wouldn’t be streaming that evening, and likely wouldn’t be live for the next few days after heading to see a doctor regarding his back pain.

“Sorry dudes, no stream today,” wrote the 25-year-old on Twitter. “Went to urgent care last night about my back pain. Doctor gave me some (medication) and said it would be a good idea to take a day or two to rest.”

Dr Disrespect trolls shroud

Unsurprisingly, shroud’s friend and streaming rival Dr Disrespect was quick to reply, showing no sympathy for the Canadian by questioning how he could have a sore back when his former CS:GO teammate Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Leatham “carries (him) every day” in games.

Not to be outdone, shroud instantly replied to the tweet by tagging professional Call of Duty player Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper, who has been playing Modern Warfare with The Doc since its release.

While 2019 has seen shroud become one of the biggest names in streaming, it has been a tough year for the Canadian physically, who was also forced to take time off back in March following a scooter crash which saw him break a number of bones in his left arm, and may require surgery a second surgery if he can’t regain full motion.

Shroud hasn’t set an official date for his return, but with his tweet stating that he was advised to take “a day or two” off, it’s likely we will see him back on Mixer at some point over the weekend.


HAchubby goes crazy celebrating huge Twitch donation

Published: 20/Jan/2021 16:20

by Alex Garton


After receiving a huge $2,500 donation, Twitch streamer HAchubby celebrated in a rather unexpected manner that made for an amazing Twitch highlight.

If you’re a fan of Twitch and you tune into the platform regularly then you’ll know that watching streamers receive huge donations is always entertaining. Audiences love watching them so much, there’s even a sub-genre of videos on YouTube that are dedicated to donating huge amounts of money to streamers to see their reactions.

It’s no surprise these videos get millions of views as it’s always great content to see a Twitch streamer having their day made by a big donation. Of course, it’s difficult to predict how someone will act after being donated a large amount of money.

In HAchubby’s case, it involved celebrating by running around her store with a basket on her head.

HAchubby stream
Twitch: HAchubby
HAchubby has over 250,000 followers on Twitch

HAchubby celebrates huge Twitch donation

During her January 19 stream, HAchubby received a huge $2,500 Twitch donation from one of her viewers. Of course, she was extremely grateful for the donation and expressed how thankful she was: “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god thank you so much.”

At first, it appeared as if she was going to carry on with the stream, but then she suddenly burst into a celebratory dance. Her Twitch chat erupted with messages and her viewers were clearly happy to see how thankful she was for the donation.

It was at that point she grabbed a basket from the store that she owns and began running about the aisle with it on her head. The highlight made for a hilarious Twitch clip and it was obvious how much the donation meant to her.

There’s no denying it’s not your typical reaction to a donation, but it’ll certainly be a memorable highlight for any of her viewers watching live. On top of this, you can guarantee it’ll be added to the range of streamer donation clips featured in various compilation videos.

We’ll have to keep our eye for any more big donations that HAchubby receives to see how she reacts the second time around.