Jake Paul’s ex claims she’s “in love” with Tana Mongeau on Halloween

. 3 years ago

YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul may have tied the knot in their livestreamed Las Vegas wedding – but it doesn’t look like the two are especially possessive, considering Mongeau’s recent stunt at a Halloween party.

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Before dating model and music artist Erika Costell, Jake Paul courted fellow YouTuber Alissa Violet, which ended in an exceptionally messy breakup that included alleged mental abuse and infidelity.

Both parties spilled the beans on their relationship during Shane Dawson’s “Mind of Jake Paul” docuseries, which included Violet’s confession that she slept with Logan Paul in response to Jake’s purported cheating.

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Alissa Violet, Instagram
Alissa Violet dated Jake Paul way before his wedding to Tana Mongeau – but there doesn’t seem to be any beef between the two women.

However, it doesn’t seem that there’s any beef between Violet and Jake’s wifey, as the two got together during a Halloween party on October 30 for a spicy Instagram video that has fans scratching their heads.

In the video, the two internet stars pose seductively for the camera, later falling out of view of the camera for several moments.

That’s not all: Violet even captioned the video “We’re in love,” sparking rumors that the stars may have been getting a bit cozier than the footage let on.

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Although such rumors have yet to be confirmed, this video marks a surprising move from Violet, who broke up with ex-boyfriend FaZe Banks after he admitted to sleeping with Tana Mongeau prior to his and Violet’s relationship.

While both Violet and Banks claimed that their split (and prior fight) was not related to this information whatsoever, that didn’t stop fans from speculating that Tana’s involvement had something to do with their breakup.

Alissa Violet, Instagram
FaZe Banks and Alissa Violet split up shortly after the FaZe co-founder admitted to sleeping with Tana Mongeau prior to their relationship.

Despite these rumors, it doesn’t look like there’s any bad blood between two of YouTube’s top blondes, in spite of Violet’s tumultuous relationship with Paul in the past.

This may not be the case where Costell is involved, though, as Mongeau appeared to be openly distressed that Paul was spotted at lunch with the model without Tana’s knowledge – prompting a passive-aggressive Tweet directed toward the issue.

As of writing this article, Jake Paul has yet to comment on his wife’s Instagram appearance – but considering her previous fling with Noah Cyrus, we can assume he won’t be too upset about the ordeal.

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