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Alissa Violet confirms fight with FaZe Banks following Tana Mongeau scandal

Published: 27/Jun/2019 23:51 Updated: 27/Jun/2019 23:54

by Virginia Glaze


While YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul are allegedly gearing up for a July wedding, FaZe co-owner Ricky Banks admitted some sensitive details about his relationship with Mongeau – which occurred right in the middle of a fight with his current girlfriend, Alissa Violet.

FaZe Banks appeared in an episode of Adam22’s ‘No Jumper’ podcast on June 25, where he admitted that he’d had a physical relationship with Mongeau in the past – a matter he’d kept secret for over three years.

“Tana’s the homie,” Banks reluctantly said. “Honestly, I’m gonna be real with you, I don’t remember. Yeah. Fuck, dude. …Wait – did I actually admit to this? Did that just happen?”

Shortly after the podcast went live, Alissa unfollowed Banks on social media – leading some fans to believe that the move was made out of anger and jealousy about Banks’ past involvement with Mongeau.

However, this turned out to be mere speculation, as Banks clarified the matter in a Tweet on June 26, explaining that their fight had nothing to do with the podcast.

Alissa Violet, InstagramThings got tense between couple Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks, after Banks admitted to sleeping with Tana Mongeau three years ago.

“Wow this really hot girl just followed me,” he wrote. “Lmaooo you guys are insane. Terrible timing for a fight. Guys, fights happen. This had 0 to do with the podcast or Tana. You guys are crazy lol.”

Alissa appeared to back up his statement, agreeing that their spat had nothing to do with Tana and claiming that she had even been aware of their relationship before she’d started dating Banks two years ago.

“I love Tana and I knew about everything when we first started dating two years ago,” she explained. “Literally terrible timing.”

While the YouTubers have yet to open up about the exact cause for their fight, Banks’ admission could make his recently repaired relationship with Jake Paul a bit awkward, as the two shared a highly public rivalry – one that involved Violet, who is also Paul’s ex-girlfriend.

Although the two have finally squashed their differences, Mongeau’s sudden engagement is turning heads across the internet, with many doubting that their union is actually legitimate.

Even Paul’s own brother, Logan, is in the dark, with both fans and family forced to wait until the new date of their wedding on July 28.


100 Thieves Among Us stream gets heated after CouRage takes on Valkyrae

Published: 20/Oct/2020 23:13

by Bill Cooney


Streaming stars CouRage, Valkyrae, Nadeshot and other creators from 100 Thieves all came together to play Among Us at the same time – and things got a little heated, to say the least.

Among Us has become one of the surprise hits no one saw coming in 2020. Innersloth’s party game is already a few years old, but only got picked up by Twitch over the summer.

Since then, everyone and their grandma seems to be venting to medbay and ruining various friendships along the way – but any kind of Among Us events are something we haven’t seen too much of (for obvious reasons) right now.

However – while observing appropriate social distancing measures, of course – CouRage, Valkyrae and other members of 100 Thieves gathered to show how insane trying to figure out who the Imposter really is when you’re all in the same room can really can be.

100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag gathered a crew at the org’s compound for what they called “Among Us IRL,” which, despite the name, didn’t actually involve anyone being harmed or ejected out of an airlock.

“We will be talking in real life, so real mannerisms will matter, so when Rae is lying because she stabbed me and she’s trying to get away with it, now everyone else can see that and call her out,” CouRage explained before the crew suited up (literally – they put on space suits).

Turns out, as Twitch’s fastest-growing streamer Valkyrae discovered that while she was Imposter with CouRage, lying is much more difficult in person than it is through a keyboard or headset over the internet.

Nadeshot sadly didn’t get to be the Imposter even once in all of the games 100 Thieves played together, which is a special kind of pain everyone who’s played more than one game in a row knows all too well.

While Among Us professional esports will probably never be a thing (but you never know), it’s clear Innersloth’s sleeper hit is still king at producing content for now.