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Jake Paul responds to Tana Mongeau & Noah Cyrus getting “flirty”

Published: 15/Sep/2019 0:50 Updated: 15/Sep/2019 0:51

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul tied the knot in late July after two months of dating – but that isn’t stopping either party from letting a bit loose, as shown by celeb Noah Cyrus’ flirty Instagram stories.

While most have heard of former Disney star and pop idol Miley Cyrus, her younger sister, Noah Cyrus, is also a past Disney celeb and singer – but lately, she’s been dipping her toe into social media stardom by hanging with Tana Mongeau.

In fact, the two stars got cozy during a series of Instagram stories in mid-September – even getting a bit “flirty” with each other despite Mongeau’s recent marriage.


Noah Cyrus, InstagramTana Mongeau and Noah Cyrus got a bit flirty on Instagram.

Videos from Cyrus’ Instagram story show the singer seductively licking a knife before closing in on Tana’s face, posting a caption that jokingly hinted at a possible “tryst” between the two.

“Tana tastes like skittles…what?” Cyrus wrote. “I could really taste the rainbow, what?”

As if her caption wasn’t wild enough, Cyrus even let Jake Paul know that she was “making moves” on his wife, reportedly warning him in a previous Instagram story, “Jake, I’m gonna fuck your bitch.”

However, Jake didn’t seem to be fazed by the good-natured taunting, reposting the video with a caption that read, “God damn.”


Jake Paul, Noah Cyrus - Instagram / LifestylemagazineNoah Cyrus gave Jake Paul a cheeky warning via Instagram – but he didn’t seem too fazed.

Although the two could be merely joking around, this wouldn’t be the first time Mongeau has hinted at having a thing for ex-Disney members: the MTV starlet admitted her type in a Tweet on August 22, writing, “I DO, in fact, have a thing for former Disney stars.”

The YouTuber’s latest hijinks follow her hilarious photoshop over her husband’s photo just a few days prior, after he snapped a pic with a group of models for an upcoming music video.

As if to remind him of their married status, Mongeau plastered her face over the models’ heads – leading Paul to change his social media profile pictures to a photo of his wife.


Tana Mongeau trolled Jake Paul by photoshopping her face into one of his Instagram pics – several times.

No matter the circumstances, Mongeau’s playful vids with Cyrus just go to show that the couple isn’t above roasting each other – or having a little fun.