Jake Paul suggests Tyson Fury caused Tommy Fury injury after fight cancelation

Jake Paul and Tyson Fury talking to cameraYouTube: Jake Paul/IFL TV

Jake Paul has suggested that Tyson Fury may have caused the injury to Tommy Fury that meant the Brit had to pull out of their December 18th boxing clash. 

With Jake Paul and Tommy Fury trading online and verbal jabs for months, many fans were excited to see the pair step into the boxing ring and settle their score once and for all.

The pair were supposed to square off on December 18th in Tampa, Florida, however, on December 6, Tommy pulled out of the fight on medical grounds.

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According to the Fury camp, the 22-year-old had been suffering from a bacterial chest infection and a broken rib, with Jake laying the blame for the broken rib at the feet of Tyson.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury officially announcedTwitter: Jake Paul / SHOWTIME PPV
Tommy and Jake were set to fight on December 18 but that won’t happen.

The heavyweight boxing champion was drafted into Tommy’s pre-fight camp, and was regularly seen in his training footage. One video that raised eyebrows, and has become the source of contention, was him laying into Tommy’s body with medicines balls during a sit-up drill.

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Jake appeared on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani to discuss the cancelation, when the MMA journalist asked if that drill may have caused the injury that disrupted everything. “I have seen the footage and, who knows… it is very possible,” Jake said.

“It is very possible that could break a rib for sure. Even when I do that drill we are a little bit careful and take precautions because you hear stories about fighters getting injured while trying to work on their abs with that exact drill. Who knows what really happened, but all of it seems shady.”

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With the fight off, Jake is now taking on Tyron Woodley in a rematch of their August bout, but there’s no telling if he’ll square off with Tommy at some point.

The social media star said it’d be more fun for him to leave Tommy behind and work on other fights, while Tyson suggested things may get squared out eventually. We’ll just have to wait and see.