Dr. Phil helps TikToker rejected by Logan Paul after quitting $100k job

YouTube: Dr Phil

Dr. Phil offered a helping hand to TikToker Austin Wallace who famously went viral after he quit his $100k job and got rejected by Logan Paul when asking for a job in the media industry.

In September, TikToker Austin Wallace went viral after being rejected by YouTube star Logan Paul when asking for a job at the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight.

Wallace quit his $100k per year welding job to chase his dream of being internet famous. As a fan of the Paul brothers, the TikToker hoped for help and guidance from them, but it didn’t work out as he desired.

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The video quickly became a meme online, with plenty of people poking fun at Wallace for quitting his job. However, he’s now had a helping hand from Dr. Phil, giving him the opportunity to learn from some of TikTok’s biggest stars.

Austin Wallace and Logan PaulTikToker Austin Wallace asked Logan Paul for a job, but was met with rejection.

During one of the latest episodes of Dr. Phil, Austin Wallace was brought onto the show to discuss what happened with the Logan Paul situation, and what he’s doing now.

Like usual Dr. Phil fashion, he went on to help the young TikToker by introducing him to two of the app’s biggest stars ToTouchAnEmu and DJHunts.

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The two TikTok stars helped Austin make some videos before they rated him as a content creator, taking his personality, charisma, and other traits into consideration.

Austin was rated highly by the two TikTokers, showing he has some skills as a good content creator.

Since his interaction with Logan Paul went viral, Austin Wallace has amassed 163k followers on TikTok, but his newer videos are slowly dying down.