Jake Paul slams Dana White & Conor McGregor over claims he’s losing “appeal”

Jake Paul slams Dana White and Conor McGregorUFC/Instagram/Jakepaul/thenotoriousmma

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul responded to Dana White’s claims that he is losing his “appeal” by taking aim at the UFC boss’s “big star” Conor McGregor.

While appearing on the Full Send podcast on August 4, Dana White was asked about Jake Paul, whom he has been feuding quite a bit with in recent months over fighter pay.

Despite Dana saying he was impressed by Paul knocking out Ben Askren in one punch, he doesn’t seem himself ever working with the YouTuber.

“The thing with Jake Paul is he’s never fought anybody his size or anyone who is actually a boxer,” White explained. “He beat up a forty-something NBA player, then Askren, who I still think should have done better than he did. And now Woodley.” (segment begins at 28:40 for mobile viewers)

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Previously, White predicted Woodley to beat Paul, but noted how the former UFC fighter was past his prime, which he once again pointed out on Full Send.

White went on to dismiss Paul as a legit competitor because he’s never fought a real boxer before, and seemed to echo comments made by Colby Covington, where the UFC star claimed Paul wouldn’t train with someone once they make him look bad at the gym.

“The media isn’t following him as much as they were in the beginning. The schtick’s getting old. For him to get the media back, he’s going to have to fight somebody. If he wants to be taken seriously by the media now, he needs to fight a real fight,” White blasted.

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Jake Paul hits back at Dana White

In response, Jake Paul took aim at both Dana and Conor McGregor in a social media onslaught.

“Dana White said this morning that I’m losing my appeal and that my shelf life is very short,” Paul joked on Twitter. “Because of this, I have given up my life and now am an employee of my brother’s company – Maverick Enterprises.”

Paul went on to film himself performing two Google searches – one for himself and the other for Conor McGregor. While he had 187,000,000 results, the same couldn’t be said for McGregor, who he called White’s “big star.”

For McGregor, there were 62,400,000 results – a significant amount less than his own.

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“Does this mean your big star Conor McGregor is losing appeal?” Jake rhetorically asked with the alternating capital letters to indicate a mocking tone.

It’s clear that this feud between the two is far from over and it’s anyone’s guess how or if it’ll ever end. Needless to say, however, Jake isn’t one to take any comments from Dana without having the last word.