UFC star Colby Covington says Jake Paul won’t train with fighters who “make him look bad”

Colby Covington calls out Jake Paul over trainingInstagram/colbycovmma/Jakepaul

As YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul prepares to battle former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, MMA star Colby Covington has given his prediction on the bout while exposing some secrets about The Problem Child.

The boxing world has been taken over by Logan and Jake Paul in recent months, with the two brothers battling some of the best of all time in the ring, such as Floyd Mayweather – making serious money in the process.

With Jake Paul frequently calling out big names like Conor McGregor to duke it out, it would seem like the younger brother isn’t afraid of anyone. But that’s not exactly the case, according to one UFC star.

In a video highlighting multiple fighters’ opinions on the upcoming bout, Colby Covington expressed how he feels Jake isn’t as tough as he claims to be.

“I’ve had some guys in my gym, Colby Covington Inc and MMA Masters, that have trained with Jake Paul in Miami. They’ve all kind of said the same information, that they went there, they exposed him, they made him look bad.”

According to Colby, the cameras were turned off and no pictures were taken, so the evidence of Paul supposedly being bested doesn’t exist.

“And they never invite these guys back because Jake ‘The Snake’ Paul only wants kids that he can beat up and knock out and boost his ego and his confidence,” the UFC fighter blasted.

Jake Paul faces off with Tyron Woodley on August 29

“He doesn’t want guys that are going to push him in the gym and make him better. Like we’ve said before, he’s not a real fighter. He’s a little Disney star.”

As for the fight between Jake and Tyron, Colby is backing the latter.

“I think Woodley can do it. I think he can land a knockout punch and get it done,” Covington predicted.

It will be very interesting to see how Jake Paul responds to Covington’s claims. Knowing The Problem Child, he’s unlikely to take these statements lying down, so he may have a thing or two to say in the weeks ahead.