Jake Paul helps cover female UFC rookie’s fight costs amid Dana White pay controversy

Jake Paul boards a planeInstagram/JakePaul

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has decided to help out a fighter in need of financial support as he continues to spar with UFC President Dana White over “not paying his fighters.”

Jake Paul has been feuding with Dana White for the past few months, with the influencer accusing him of not paying his fighters what they’re worth.

Now, the social media sensation is putting his own money where his mouth is, helping out a UFC rookie in her time of need, desperate for some financial help to make her mixed martial arts career a reality.

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UFC Flyweight rookie Sarah ‘Too Sweet’ Alpar created a GoFundMe in order to finance her fight costs leading up to her bout against Erin Blanchfield and beyond.

“My whole life and every person that has come through it has led me to this moment in time where my dreams are coming true,” the UFC fighter wrote.

“I have many people to thank, especially my coaches, training partners, my family and friends, and opponents to whom I’ve lost. I am better every day because of you and my hard work and determination. As I continue striving to be the best at what I do, I need your help financially to allow me to do this.”

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As such, the mixed martial artist is looking for $30,000 to help cover travel costs to UFC 266, gym fees and other fight expenses.

Sensing a fellow combat sports athlete was in trouble, Jake Paul took aim at the UFC for making her pay her own way.

“Imagine a rookie in the NBA had to start a GoFundMe to play,” Paul said on Twitter. “I let Sarah Alpar know she has my support and contribution.”

And contribute he did. Sarah’s GoFundMe lists Jake Paul as the top donor, giving her a whopping $5,000 to help cover her fight costs.

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Jake Paul UFC donationGoFundMe
Jake Paul donated $5000 to Sarah Alpar’s fight costs.

“It’s my honor and privilege to help fellow fighters in any way I can,” the YouTuber added.

Just hours after Jake’s donation, Sarah was able to hit her goal and then some, raising over $34,000 in the process.

While the feud between Dana and Paul is certainly far from over, it’s quite a big jab when the influencer feels he has to step in and help out where the UFC should.

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