Jake Paul confirms talks with Mike Tyson for August fight

Michael Gwilliam
Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson boxing match

YouTuber-turned-boxing sensation Jake Paul has confirmed that he’s in talks with legendary fighter Mike Tyson to be his next opponent in what could be the “biggest pay-per-view of all time.”

Rumors of a fight with Jake Paul or his brother Logan taking on Mike Tyson began a long time ago, but it seems that although there were discussions, nothing substantial ever came of them.

While Tyson seemed to laugh off a possible fight on most occasions when asked publicly about it, his tune changed during a recent conversation with Joe Rogan. The possibility of breaking Floyd Mayweather’s pay-per-view sales record, in particular, motivated Tyson.

Now, with a fight between Jake Paul and Tyson looking more likely than ever, the 5-0 boxer has confirmed that he’s in talks with Iron Mike to make the dream event a reality.

Jake Paul calls out Mike Tyson
Jake Paul has been itching to fight Mike Tyson.

Jake Paul teases Mike Tyson fight

In an interview with Boxing Social, Paul claimed that former UFC champion Anderson Silva was among those the top of his list for potential opponents, but Tyson’s recent comments changed things up.

“We’re still having some conversations with people like Mike Tyson who recently said he wanted to fight. We’re trying to see what is going to be the biggest fight and make me the most excited to get into the ring,” Paul teased, noting how he wasn’t close to securing an August foe yet.

When pressed on a possible Tyson fight, ‘The Problem Child’ revealed that he would take it in a heartbeat above all others.

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“That’s legendary. The old generation of boxing with the new generation of boxing all mixed into one. And like Mike said on the Joe Rogan podcast, you know, I think it would be the biggest or one of the biggest pay-per-views of all time,” he added. “Together, when we were on the same card, we sold almost $2m pay-per-views, so imagine if we fought?”

Before ending the interview, Paul called on Tyson to make the fight happen, further stating, “I know I would win. Mike thinks that he would win, so let’s do it!”

Only time will tell if Jake and Tyson agree to battle it out and break pay-per-view records, but hopefully, Paul doesn’t end up losing an ear in the process if a fight ends up going ahead this summer.

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