Jake & Logan Paul offered chance to fight top MMA stars if UFC plans fail

Logan and Jake Paul huggingInstagram: Logan Paul

Logan and Jake Paul have an open offer from Bellator if they want to make the switch to MMA, and the brothers could square off against some top names – even if they’re not fighting for championships. 

Logan and Jake Paul have, undeniably, made waves in the fight game ever since they first stepped into the boxing ring back in 2019. The brothers have partaken in some massive cards and had plenty of success – even if their records are pretty different.

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While Logan has flirted with other things – including professional wrestling – Jake has continued to make strides in boxing as both a fighter and promoter. Though, he has also explored doing other things, and has repeatedly stated that he wants to get involved with Mixed Martial Arts.

The pair both have backgrounds in amateur wrestling from their high school days in Ohio, and while the UFC might be the end goal for them, they’ve again been offered the chance to get involved with Bellator and fight some decent standard of opposition.

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Logan and Jake Paul next to each otherInstagram: jakepaul
Logan and Jake have made waves in the world of combat sports.

Bellator boss Scott Coker, who has been open to having the Pauls in his promotion previously, was again asked about them possibly getting involved given all the recent talk about possible MMA switches.

“We’ve had conversations with his brother and Jake about ‘What does MMA mean to you guys?’ and ‘What do you guys wanna do?’ and there is an ongoing dialogue, and if they wanted to really get down and really get serious and do it, we could bring them in,” Coker told TMZ Sports.

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Coker noted that they would need some serious training, but believes they’d be ready in around a year and could fight some of Bellator’s top stars – even if the brothers wouldn’t be at a championship level.

As noted, both Logan and Jake have teased at least doing one MMA fight before, and while Jake has had beef with the UFC, he believes he’ll eventually fight inside the Octagon.

Whether or not they’ll ever trade the boxing gloves for MMA gloves remains to be seen, but it won’t be for a lack of trying from promoters.

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