Jake Paul responds to “rumors” of Mike Tyson walking out on sparring session

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jake paul blasts claims of mike tyson walking out on sparring session

YouTube boxer Jake Paul has dismissed claims made by Freddie Roach alleging that Mike Tyson walked out on the influencer after just 30 seconds of watching him spar.

Jake Paul is taking the influencer-boxing world by storm after announcing his upcoming bout against MMA legend Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva, set for October 29.

However, this isn’t the only combat sports GOAT he’s been rubbing elbows with. Paul has also made friends with ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson, with the two expressing admiration for each other many times in the past.

The boxers even made mention of a possible match between them, but it doesn’t look like this particular bout is coming to fruition anytime soon — an opportunity that was plagued by recent claims from boxing coach and former pro boxer Freddie Roach.

Just this week, Roach said that Mike Tyson had allegedly walked out on one of Jake Paul’s sparring sessions after watching ‘The Problem Child’ in the ring for a mere 30 seconds.

“Tyson looked at him and left,” Roach claimed. “He saw 30 seconds of him sparring and said, ‘Freddie, can we go downstairs and look at the pictures?’ He knows that’s where the good pictures are.”

Jake Paul has now responded to these claims, calling them mere “rumors” and blasting Freddie Roach for making statements that he says are untrue in an interview with Talk Sport Boxing.

Jake Paul blasts “rumors” of Mike Tyson walking out on sparring session

“I saw these things that Freddie Roach was saying, that I was sparring at his gym,” Jake began. “First of all, I’ve never even trained at Wild Card Gym. Freddie is a f**king idiot. He’s a hater. He coached Ben Askren to no avail. Literally worthless. He’s off his rocker.”

“Mike Tyson has never watched me spar,” Jake continued. “Mike Tyson has never been in the gym at the same time as me sparring. I went to Wild Card once to talk to somebody for a meeting and for my brother’s press conference there.”

“But Mike Tyson wasn’t anywhere in the vicinity. It’s just Freddie Roach spreading rumors. Especially since me and Mike are friends. Mike wouldn’t do that.”

As for whether or not he’ll actually meet Mike in the ring one day, Jake says “it would be dope to fight” the boxing legend — but fans will have to wait to see if this happens after his October bout with ‘The Spider’ comes to pass.

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