Jake Paul promises to KO Conor McGregor in MMA after new training video surfaces

jake-paul-conor-mcgregorInstagram/Conor McGregor / Jake Paul

Jake Paul wasn’t impressed with Conor McGregor’s form and technique after watching his latest training video and promised to knock him out in either boxing or mixed martial arts.

Jake has been challenging and taunting Conor McGregor for almost two years now. However, he finally got his attention after the latest challenge.

The UFC superstar didn’t rule out a fight, saying: “Never say never.”

Sensing the possibility of a super fight brewing between them, Jake ramped up his efforts to hone in on the opportunity. He roasted McGregor’s form and technique in a new training video and vowed to knock him out.

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Jake Paul in boxing sparring session with handwrapsInstagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul is 5-0 in boxing with a bunch of KOs to his name.

The new training video, which McGregor posted all over social media, shows him landing three-punch combinations while hitting the pads.

“Keeping it tasty!” he said, implying the flurry of punches packs a sting.

Jake wasn’t impressed with what he saw, though. “This is embarrassing,” he scoffed. “Your chin is wide open with no head movement.”

He also backed it up with a prediction, saying: “I would KO Conor in boxing or MMA.”

Although it looks like a fight between them is closer than ever, Dana White inadvertently ruled out the possibility of it happening anytime soon by revealing his desire for McGregor to complete his trilogy against Nate Diaz.

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Meanwhile, Jake has other candidates coming after him, including UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman and rising star Paddy Pimblett. However, it seems like he’s gunning for the McGregor fight.