UFC star Paddy Pimblett claims Jake Paul “wouldn’t have the balls” to fight in MMA

jake-paul-paddy-pimblett-ufc-mmaIG: Jake Paul / YouTube: Have A Word

UFC star Paddy Pimblett took another swipe at Jake Paul, claiming the YouTuber-turned-boxer “wouldn’t have the balls” to fight MMA because he knows he’ll get starched in the octagon.

Pimblett admitted he’d love to fight Jake Paul on two separate occasions. The first instance happened in September 2021 after he called Jake a “sausage” and said he’d fight him tomorrow, regardless of the code.

Then, after seeing Jake express an interest in doing MMA, he challenged him again on February 14, saying:  “If you want to have an MMA fight, I’ll fight you in my ma’s garden tomorrow.”

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However, during an interview on the ‘Have A Word’ podcast, Pimblett claimed Jake “wouldn’t have the balls” to fight in the octagon and compared him to AEW wrestler CM Punk, who failed to impress in the UFC.

Jake Paul with hand raised in boxing ringYouTube: DAZN/Jake Paul
Jake Paul has been on a roll in the boxing ring, but how would he fare in MMA?

In response to a question about whether he’s worried that combat sports are becoming too “cartoon-like” because of people like Jake Paul, Pimblett shrugged it off: “The UFC will never get like that, so no.”

He also claimed Jake would never fight in the UFC.

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“He wouldn’t have the balls to,” he said. “He’d get offered it, but he’d turn it down. He’d never fight in the UFC because he knows he’ll get his head punched right in.”

Pimblett believes if Jake were to fight in the UFC, it would play out a lot like CM Punk’s brief stint in the octagon, which ended with a loss and a no-contest. “He was a f**king crab. He got absolutely pasted in both fights.”

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However, he’s willing to box against him instead, claiming he’d accept an offer in a “heartbeat” and would “punch his face in.” He also said if Jake ever mocked him in person, he’d “put him right on his toes.”

Pimblett slammed Jake for ‘pretending’ to care about fighter pay too.

“He’s going on about UFC fighter pay like he’s trying to help fighters. He’s not,” he stated. “He’s just doing it to try and make a c*nt out of Dana.

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“That’s all he’s doing it for. To try and make Dana look bad so he can have a back and forth with Dana. It’s nothing to do with the fighters and helping the fighters.

“He’s trying to take the p*ss out of Dana and it’s not working.”

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