Jake Paul responds to WWE star Brock Lesnar’s opinion of him & Logan Paul

Jake Paul comments on Brock Lesnar on Logan PaulInstagram/Jakepaul/Loganpaul/Flickr/Miguel Discart

YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul and brother Logan have taken over the internet. With their podcasts, fights and celebrity status the two have gone from influencers to titans of entertainment, and now, even WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar is impressed.

While Jake Paul remains undefeated in boxing, having secured a KO victory over former UFC champ Tyron Woodley in his last fight, Logan has gone to host the World Slap Championship with Arnold Schwarzenegger and will be competing in the WWE at WrestleMania.

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With so much attention on the duo, former UFC Heavyweight and current WWE champion Brock Lesnar weighed in on the two’s success.

Surprisingly, the 44-year-old seems to be a fan and offered some support towards the Paul brothers.

wwe-wrestlemania-logan-paulWWE / Wikimedia Commons
Logan Paul is wrestling in the WWE.

Brock Lesnar praises Jake and Logan Paul

In an interview with the New York Post, Lesnar expressed how the brothers were “great for YouTube” and is interested to see where they go next.

“I’m happy for those guys. They worked at something. They built their name up. They thought outside the box, they promoted themselves,” he explained.

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Furthermore, he chimed in on if Logan Paul has what it takes to become a pro-wrestler – something he isn’t ruling out and seems to have some faith in The Maverick.

“Can he become a professional wrestler?” Lesnar pondered. “Maybe if he puts as much ambition into that.”

Jake Paul was very pleased with the comments made by The Beast, and chimed in on social media after seeing what Lesnar had to say.

“Wow Brock Lesnar supporting my brother and I is crazy, we loved him and used to watch him all the time growing up,” he said before giving some advice to fans. “Go chase your dreams today.”

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It’s unclear if we’ll ever see Jake Paul and Brock Lesnar collide one day, but given how the two have respect for each other, we can’t rule anything out just yet.