Jake Paul hits back at Tyson Fury’s brutal fight prediction

Tyson Fury next to Jake Paul boxingScreengrabs via: iFL TV / Instagram: Jake Paul

Jake Paul has responded to Tyson Fury’s claims that younger brother Tommy Fury could have “his worst night ever” and still come out on top – perhaps more calmly than most would expect. 

YouTube boxing’s next major instalment is fast approaching – with many fans excited for Jake Paul to meet Tommy Fury on December 18, the first time Paul will fight a currently active professional boxer.

We’ve seen him overcome retired basketball pros like Nate Robinson and former MMA fighters like Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

Because of this record, Tommy Fury’s older brother Tyson, who recently defeated Deontay Wilder in an epic conclusion the pair’s boxing trilogy, has suggested it will be a walk in the park for his relative. He commented that Tommy could “turn up with broken ribs, a broken left hand, two left feet, his clothes on back to front and with the flu” and still win.

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Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury date locationAmanda Westcott, Showtime PPV / Pexels.com: KoolShooters
Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will box one another on December 18.

Naturally, the provocative comments elicited a response from the American, but it was perhaps less fiery than one would expect.

A December 3 tweet saw Paul simply comment: “I smell cap”.

Paul’s comments essentially mean he thinks Tyson is grossly overstating Tommy’s talents, and that their December 18 bout will be much closer than he is making out.

It’s a more restrained response than we’ve come to expect from Jake Paul, who has always been confident in his boxing abilities, even when going into fights as the underdog.

That will of course be the case on December 18, but many believe that fighting a professional (and undefeated) boxer will be a step too far for the YouTuber. Some have even expressed concern for Paul while others, like KSI, believe his handling of big occasions makes him the favorite. 

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We’re not far from finding out.