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Jake Paul calls out FaZe Banks ahead of potential boxing match

Published: 22/Dec/2018 18:49 Updated: 22/Dec/2018 18:52

by Virginia Glaze


Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul continues to take shots at FaZe content creator Ricky Banks, after challenging him to a boxing match in a vlog on December 8.

Paul gave his real thoughts on the possibility of a bout with Banks in an interview with the Hollywood Fix on December 21, claiming that his potential opponent is too frightened to throw down in the ring.

“I would, 100%,” Paul answered when asked if he would take the victory over Banks. “But he’s scared. He knows he’ll lose, and there’s too much on the line.”

Paul predicted this ultimate loss for Banks due to his relationship with Paul’s ex-girlfriend, YouTuber Alissa Violet, citing their romance as a possible reason for his cold feet.


“He doesn’t want to lose in front of his girl,” Jake continued. “That would cause some tension in the relationship. Banks, I know you’re watching this. Buddy, buckle up!”

While Banks himself has entertained the idea of fighting Paul, no concrete decision has been made – and the match may not even happen, at all.

Jake Paul’s older brother, Logan Paul, pointed out the fact that Jake has been consistently training since the KSI vs Logan Paul fight card in August. This would put Banks at a severe disadvantage, who reportedly has just a mere three-month window to prepare to face Jake, who hopes to throw down with Banks ahead of the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch in 2019.


Despite these disparities, Paul seems bent on touching gloves with Banks, who he has been feuding with ever since his assistant was allegedly assaulted by Banks in a nightclub in summer of 2017.