Erika Costell opens up about dating after breakup with Jake Paul

Virginia Glaze
HawtCelebs / ClevverTV

YouTuber and model Erika Costell has finally opened up about her prospects in love after her split with controversial social media star Jake Paul, giving a fairly scathing response to any notion of a potential partner.

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Costell uploaded a Q & A video on December 19, where she responded to a fan’s query asking if she was currently seeing someone.

Costell clapped back at the question with a decisive, “Oh, hell no,” ultimately shutting down any rumors of secret relationships.

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The model also opened up about her current string of vague Tweets, which some fans have speculated may be directed at both Paul and his ex-girlfriend, YouTuber Alissa Violet.

Costell claimed that she felt she “deserves to vague Tweet” due to her pent-up emotions, admitting that she has both good days and bad days, alike.

“Some days I’m really great and some days I’m not at all,” she explained. “I cry a lot, but great.”

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Costell may have also hit back at Violet’s scathing roast during her vlog of her trip to Mexico, where she compared Costell’s career to a dead cockroach.

Erika published a Tweet on December 20 that could mark a response to the insult, writing, “It’s crazy that there are people out there who do/say things just to hurt others… like, damn Satan, who hurt you?”

While Violet has yet to respond to Costell’s Tweet, Jake Paul may have stepped into the feud, publishing his own, cryptic statement where he wished he could “set his emotions on fire” so they would “disappear forever” – although it is uncertain if his Tweet was directed at Costell or not.