Rapper BlocBoy JB considers suing Epic Games in midst of lawsuit landslide

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American rapper James ‘BlocBoy JB’ Baker could be taking legal action against Fortnite developers Epic Games for use of his ‘shoot’ dance.

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BlocBoy JB popularized the ‘shoot’ dance in a music video for his single, ‘Shoot,’ in summer of 2017, which went on to become a veritable sensation across the globe.

In fact, the dance became so popular that battle royale title Fortnite sold the moves as an in-game purchase, allowing players to express themselves in an emote simply named, ‘Hype.’

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Now, the rapper may be set to sue Epic for using his dance, as hinted at in a Tweet published on December 20.

“Should I Sue Fortnite Or Nah🤔,” BlocBoy wrote – much to his fans’ speculation.

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This isn’t the first time BlocBoy has called out Epic, either; the artist previously called out the company in a Tweet on September 10, feeling that the devs were ultimately “taking credit” for his dance.

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BlocBoy would mark the latest celebrity to take action against Epic for use of his dance, following in the footsteps of Fresh Prince actor Alfonso Ribeiro, rapper 2 Milly, and the young internet sensation known as “Backpack Kid.”

However, debate has stirred up across the internet since news of the lawsuits broke, with investigators discovering that Ribeiro admitted he had stolen his famous “Carlton” dance from actors Will Smith and Courteney Cox in an interview with TMZ.

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Additionally, footage also surfaced of another possible originator of the “Floss” dance, which was popularized by Backpack Kid during a live performance by American singer-songwriter Katy Perry. With this information in mind, audiences are torn on whether or not to support Ribeiro and Backpack Kid in their efforts to gain restitution from Epic, who now face four possible lawsuits due to selling these popular moves as in-game content.

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