Jake Paul and KSI trade blows as boxers accuse each other of “ducking” fights

Jake Paul vs KSITwitter/JakePaul/KSI

The feud between influencers-turned-boxers Jake Paul and KSI took a heated turn ahead of their rumored 2023 bout.

Jake Paul and KSI have agreed to finally face off in 2023 to decide just who really is the top fighter in the YouTube world, but KSI is taking a couple more matches before the dream battle.

The British YouTuber is scheduled to face off against Dillon Danis in January and then, according to his trainer, will have a ‘buffer’ match before throwing down with ‘The Problem Child.’

On Thanksgiving, Jake Paul mocked KSI for bringing Dillon Danis’ mom into the mix for the build-up to their fight, prompting the rapper to retaliate in a what would be a brutal exchange.

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KSI and Jake Paul square off in heated Twitter exchange

After Jake Paul mocked KSI and Danis for being almost 30 years old and “shaming each other’s moms to try and sell a fight,” the Brit mocked his rival for boxing people older than 30.

“Who was the last person that Jake Paul fought that was under 30?” he wondered, referencing Paul’s recent battles against former UFC champions Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva.

“Won’t be you since your own team says you need two more fights to be ‘ready’ for me. You are a duck,” Paul snapped back and slammed KSI for his decision to fight a rusty Danis.

Not to be outdone, KSI posted a video of Jake Paul saying he wouldn’t fight him, before also claiming that The Problem Child had “ducked” Danis.

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KSI went on to post a photoshopped image of his rival up against the ropes, being knocked out with the caption “2023,” indicating he still plans to face off against Jake next year.

Striking back with a photo of himself, Paul posted his own image of himself knocking out his boxing menace, further remarking how KSI would “never” fight him.

It’s still unclear if the two will end up squaring off. In any case, KSI will have a couple more tune-ups before the big match.

Jake, meanwhile, has been itching to fight again and has teased a possible bout against the ever-controversial Andrew Tate.

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