KSI knocks out FaZe Temperrr in round one: MF & DAZN Series 004 results & recap

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YouTube star KSI is stepped back in the ring on January 14, where he knocked FaZe Temperrr to the mat in a single round. Here’s a full rundown of everything that happened during the event.

Following his impressive ‘2 fights 1 night’ event, taking down both Swarmz and Pineda with ease, KSI has his eyes locked on his next opponent as he works his way up to fighting Jake Paul next year.

While there have been many potential opponents for him to dance with, he was slated to touch gloves with Dillon Danis — and the rivalry between the two was certainly heating up.

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However, Danis pulled out of their match at the very last minute, prompting KSI to pick a replacement in FaZe Clan’s very own Temperrr.

From location and start time to fight card, here’s all you need to know about KSI vs FaZe Temperrr and the MF & DAZN Series 004 boxing event.

Fight Card & Results

UndercardAnthony Taylor vs Idris VirgoVirgoUnanimous Decision
UndercardFaith Ordway vs Elle BrookeBrookeTKO
UndercardRyan Taylor vs SwarmzSwarmzRetire
UndercardLuis Alcaraz Pineda vs BdavePinedaUnanimous Decision
UndercardSalt Papi vs Josh BruecknerSalt PapiKO
Co-Main EventSlim Albaher vs Tom ZanettiAlbaherUnanimous Decision
Main EventKSI vs FaZe TemperrrKSIKO

KSI knocks out Temperrr in round one

KSI hasn’t had the best of luck as of late when it comes to locking down opponents. First, his opponent for the 2-fights One-night event was changed twice. First, when Alex Wassabi pulled out due to a concussion, and second when Ivan Nikolov was removed from the card after his “white power” tattoo was revealed.

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A few weeks before the DAZN Series 004 was set to take place, KSI would encounter another stroke of bad luck as his highly anticipated opponent, Dillon Danis, would back out, forcing him to find another opponent. Luckily, the tenacious fighter FaZe Temperrr was on standby, ready to accept the challenge.

While Temperrr has been a formidable fighter in previous events, KSI was by far the favored fighter of the match, but could he keep up his winning streak against the Co-Founder of one of the largest eSports orgs in the world?

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KSI started with the arena on his side, but his rush-in tactics wouldn’t work against an opponent like Temperrr. The FaZe CEO was leagues better than Swarmz and Pineda and was able to connect a few blows early on. But KSI was finally able to land a massive hit late in the round.

Unfortunately for Temperrr, that was the only blow KSI needed. One punch and Temperrr was left on the mat. In a single round, KSI destroyed his opponent and was crowned the victor.

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Slim Albaher vs Tom Zanetti results

Slim Albaher lives up to his name, especially when standing next to a chiseled Tom Zanetti. However, his unassuming physique has fooled opponents in the past, as he’s been able to take down bigger fighters. That said, this being Zanetti’s first official boxing match, no one was sure what to expect from the Yorkshire DJ.

It was a battle of brawn and experience going into round one. Slim, the favored fighter, looked comfortable from the start, sizing up his mysterious opponent. Zanetti, on the other hand, looked stiff and overexcited. Both fighters spent most of the round trying to find the right time to strike, but Slim found it first. With Tom telegraphing his moves, Slim was able to land two considerable punches. Tom woke up late in round one and found his own opportunity to strike moments before the bell rang.

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Tom lost his bravado in round two, seemingly taking the fight more seriously. This played to his advantage as he was able to retaliate more efficiently. But Slim found his way and was able to punish a sluggish Zanetti. To the surprise of Slim, the announcers, and the crowd, Zanetti was almost always able to connect a firey punch after being pelted by Slim’s fists.

Round three saw a revitalized Slim take further advantage of Tom’s empty tank. However, Slim started to lose the edge he had earlier in the fight. With almost zero defense on both sides, Tom and Slim took turns throwing wild punches, hoping something would connect. And on most occasions, Slim would find a piece of Zanetti’s chin. That was until late into the round when Tom broke through Slim’s defenses and gave him a taste of his own medicine.

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The decision rode on the final round of this brutal fight. Tom’s power was felt in his early-round punches, and Slim’s lack of defense left him vulnerable. By the final minute, training and discipline were once again thrown out the window as the fight devolved into an all-out slugfest. But with no clear winner, the decision was turned over to the judges.

The winner by unanimous decision, Slim Albaher.

Salt Papi vs Josh Brueckner results

Salt Papi has become one of the most anticipated fighters on every card he’s on. His tenacity, aggression, and showmanship make him a crowd favorite, and his undefeated streak proves he has the skill to step into the ring with the best of them. But with a height and reach advantage, Josh Brueckner could give him a run for his money.

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Round one had the slowest start to any fight so far, with both opponents sizing each other up. But instead of trying to break his defenses, Salt Papi attempted to get inside Brueckner’s head. He taunted and jeered as Josh missed shots to the head and body. And Papi’s patience paid off as he was able to explode and take advantage of openings, landing considerable blows on Brueckner.

In round two, Brueckner needed to get Papi out of his head and find creative ways to retaliate. Papi dropped the showboating and started to use his speed to punish Josh. And at a minute and twenty seconds into the second round, Salt Papi would send Josh Brueckner to the mat… and he wouldn’t get up.

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As if there was ever any doubt, Salt Papi danced his way to victory via knockout.

Luis Alcaraz Pineda vs Bdave results

Luis Pineda made a name for himself after being “beaten to a pulp” by KSI, and was mocked for his constant complaints during the bout. And his extreme height and reach advantage made him look like the favorable fighter, despite his lackluster performance against KSI.

Once again, the first round started with a level of tenacity that the fighters couldn’t possibly keep up for long. And after a minute in, Bdave’s exhaustion started to show. But even more apparent was Pineda’s experience. While technically a professional boxer, no one expected to see this amount of patience and skill from Pineda following his main event fight with KSI.

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Round one in a word: Punishment. Bdave looked like a lost helpless puppy in the ring, and it was the bell that saved him.

Round two started much slower than the previous one. Bdave displayed patience that wasn’t there before, and Pineda only had a fraction of the aggression he had in round one. We saw a lot of clenching throughout the round as both fighters were gassed. Pineda managed to sneak a hit in at the last second, sending Bdave to the mat. But Bdave was once again saved by the bell and sent into round three.

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Both fighters were at their limit going into round three. Despite Pineda’s impeccable performance in round one, this was anybody’s fight. And that showed as Bdave finally sent Pineda to the mat. With a minute left on the clock, Pineda looked finished, but Bdave needed a knockdown to tie up the fight. However, he wasn’t able to find it.

The decision was handed to the judges and their scorecards, and it was announced by Unanimous Decision that Luis Pineda won the match.

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Ryan Taylor vs Swarmz results

UK rapper Swarmz stepped back into the after a pitiful bout against KSI during his 2-fights one-night event. Now, looking to make his name in influencer boxing, Swarmz is facing a more manageable opponent, Ryan Taylor.

He started the fight displaying more skill than he did against KSI. And he would end this fight with one punch. 20 seconds into the fight, Swarms would land a jab on Taylor’s left eye that would send the fighter into his corner.

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The commentators theorized Taylor had suffered an orbital fracture, and Taylor told his corner he was unable to see anything. After deliberating with his corner, the ringside doctor retired Taylor from the fight giving Swarmz the win.

Faith Ordway vs Elle Brooke results

The second fight – and only female matchup of the night – was between influencers turned boxers, Faith Ordway and Elle Brooke. With a serious height advantage and a greater display of aggression, Faith Ordway walked to the ring as the favorite. However, Elle Brooke is the more seasoned fighter with one win under her belt.

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The first round had an explosive start, with both fighters throwing a number of punches you’d be lucky to see in a full professional matchup. Technique was abandoned as offense was all that was on the fighters’ minds. At one point, Ordway was caught by a strong hook from Brooke and found herself on the mat.

Before the end of the first rounds, the ref stopped the match as Ordway wasn’t able to answer any of Brooke’s blows. The winner, by TKO, was Elle Brooke.

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Anthony Taylor vs Idris Virgo results

The first match of the night was between the undefeated Idris Virgo and Anthony “Pretty Boy” Taylor. But of 12 professional fights, Taylor was built up to be Virgo’s toughest opponent yet. This is backed by the fact that Taylor has made a habit of knocking out former ‘Love Island’ contestants, and Virgo could be next.

Both fighters wasted no time pressing the gas. Fists were flying from the first few seconds until the bell rang. But the combatants also displayed impeccable defense, ducking blows that could have been devastating. But within the final minute of the round, Idris was able to land a few incredible shots that quickly wore on Taylor.

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Taylor’s composure from round one seemingly disappeared in round 2. Instead of patience and skill, Taylor resorted to wild swinging, brawling, and scrapping. But Idris, able to maintain a level head, punished Taylor’s undisciplined attacks. Taylor’s exhaustion began to show as he wobbled around the ring, stumbling into Virgo’s punches.

Anthony Taylor needed to reset in Round 3 to reclaim his place in this fight. And miraculously, his defense seemed to improve. However, Virgo knocked Taylor to the mat twice in the final minute. While he was able to get back to his feet, it was apparent he was running on fumes.

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Taylor’s fatigue was even more apparent in round 3. Within the first 30 seconds, Taylor was on that again due to fatigue. And a minute later, he was back on his knees for a fourth time. While he never stayed down, Taylor was only trying to survive. No more attacking or retaliating. But Virgo was unable to put Taylor down for good.

The decision was turned over to the judges, and it was announced that Idris Virgo was victorious, making his record a staggering 13-0.

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When is KSI vs FaZe Temperrr boxing match?

The Series 004 card is expected to get underway from 7 PM GMT / 2 PM ET on Saturday, January 14 at the OVO Arena in Wembley, London.

The main event is expected to kick off at approximately 10 PM GMT / 5 PM ET, making plenty of room for some exciting undercard bouts.

Where to watch KSI vs FaZe Temperrr

KSI vs FaZe Temperrr will be available live on DAZN. Fans can watch the main event and undercards through the platform’s monthly subscription service rather than your standard one-off pay-per-view cost.

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DAZN’s subscription will set you back $19.99 USD / £7.99 GBP. You’ll also be able to watch a full backlog of content across multiple sports that are already available on the streaming service.

KSI vs FaZe Temperrr fight card

The full Series 004 card has been unveiled, and it’s an absolutely stacked lineup:

  • Elle Brooke vs Faith Ordway
  • Anthony Taylor vs Idris Virgo
  • Ryan Taylor vs Swarmz
  • TBA vs BDave
  • Salt Papi vs Josh Brueckner
  • Slim vs Tom Zanetti
  • KSI vs FaZe Temperrr

Slim ‘The Hitman’ Albaher will be getting in the ring with music producer Tom Zanetti to defend his MF light-heavyweight title.

‘The Hitman’ comes off the back of four impressive KOs, whereas the bout will be Zenetti’s debut fight.

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Salt Papi will also be making his return to the ring to take on Josh Brueckner in one of the early matches on the card.

Both fighters are on the path to legitimizing their careers and winning on either side will go a long way to helping them sell themselves as legitimate competitors.

We’ll also be seeing Swarmz make his return, where he’ll be touching gloves with Ryan Taylor after his debut bout with KSI in August.

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We’ll be sure to keep you posted here as more details on the bout are expected to be announced leading up to the Series 004 event.