Jake & Logan Paul’s dad shuts down potential boxing match between brothers

Bill Cooney

Logan Paul has claimed in a new interview his brother Jake was “trolling” about a potential fight between the two, and his dad isn’t keen on the idea either.

Jake and Logan Paul have become two of the biggest names in boxing in the last year. Jake is currently getting ready to face Tommy Fury on December 18.

Before that fight was confirmed, the idea that the two brothers could face off was actually being floated around. However, that idea didn’t sit well with the brothers’ father.

Paul brothers’ dad shuts down fight rumors

In the interview above from SecondsOut on YouTube, Logan said he didn’t know what his brother was thinking with a fight offer.

“He’s f***ing trolling me bro. I’m his own brother and he trolls me. He’s suddenly made me his enemy… I don’t want to fight him,” Logan said. “Of course (we’ve talked about it), but I’m in an interesting phase of my life right now. I have no desire to fight my brother.”

The Paul brothers father, Gregory Paul, was standing next to his son during the interview and said he personally wouldn’t allow a fight between the two to happen.

“No, you’re not going to fight him,” Greg said. “Look, anybody who thinks these guys are gonna fight, I will f**k them up.”

Will Logan vs. Jake Paul ever happen?

The Paul Patriarch doesn’t want to see his sons square up.

Just because their dad is against it, doesn’t mean we couldn’t see the two Paul brothers eventually face off in the ring.

However, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards just yet, especially with Greg Paul taking such a strong stance against it. This does beg the question though of which brother would win a fight if it did happen.

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