Jacksepticeye discovers that Google thinks he is Corpse Husband

Google thinks Jacksepticeye is CorpseYouTube: Anthony Padilla, Twitter: Jack_Septic_Eye

Faceless YouTuber Corpse Husband has become quite the phenomenon throughout 2020 and 2021, but without a face to put to the name, a Google search will show up with Seán ‘jacksepticeye’ McLoughlin instead, much to the Irish YouTuber’s surprise.

2020 saw the insane rise of Corpse Husband, the anonymous YouTuber characterized by his gothic style dress and iconic deep voice.

The past year has seen him branch out into a variety of different areas, the most notable being his musical career that features a track with Machine Gun Kelly.

As people continue to try and peer behind that Donnie Darko-style mask, it turns out that Google has identified just who Corpse Husband is. The results, though, aren’t quite what we expected.

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corpse husband with face coveredYouTube: Anthony Padilla
Very few have actually seen Corpse’s face.

Google picks up jacksepticeye as Corpse Husband

In a bizarre turn of events, Google is showing fellow YouTube sensation jacksepticeye as being Corpse Husband when searching for him.

Posting a tweet that simply states “I am Corpse Husband,” the Irishman shows that the image that appears next to “Corpse Husband, American Musician” is, in fact, one of himself.

The explanation is that Google has simply picked up an image from an article discussing the pair’s relationship, and the algorithm has obviously picked up on the facial features of Jack, mistakenly putting it next to Corpse.

One fan wrote that “I spilled “Top of the Morning™” all on my white tee,” referencing Corpse’s gothic melody ‘White Tee’ and Jack’s iconic tagline that has become the name of is branded coffee.

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Corpse Husband responds

Corpse himself immediately jumped on the meme train too, simply responded “WE ARE CORPSE.”

So has Google cracked the code? We’ll never know. We’d better keep an eye on Jack, though – have we ever seen them in the same room together?