Island Boys crash Logan Paul Pokemon podcast to trash him: “His cards aren’t real”

Brent Koepp
Logan Paul holding Pokemon card box next to TikTok rappers the Island Boys

TikTok stars The Island Boys crashed a Pokemon Trading Card Game Podcast featuring Logan Paul. The twin brothers were kicked out of the livestream after calling the YouTuber “corny.”

After storming off the Impaulsive podcast and getting kicked out of the Logan Paul vs Tyron Woodley boxing rematch in December 2021, the TikTok singers have re-ignited their beef with the YouTuber during a January 5 livestream.

Twin brothers Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd joined the Pokemon cards podcast to tell viewers that Logan Paul is not a good person. They also questioned why TCG collectors would work with the 26-year-old.

Pokemon livestream with Island Boys trashing Logan Paul
The TikTok rappers crashed a Pokemon stream to trash talk Logan Paul.

Island Boys crash Logan Paul Pokemon stream to trash him

After the TCG community raised concerns that Logan Paul potentially paid $3.5 million for a fake Pokemon card box, the influencer joined a livestream with popular collectors such as The Poke Jew and Gary ‘King Pokemon’ Haase to discuss his purchase. The stream was interrupted after the YouTuber left the call when the Island Boys joined the podcast to talk trash about the Impaulsive host.

“His Pokemon cards are not real!,” they said. “I’m just going by what reports said. I might be wrong. But they literally show proof of it being fake. This is how corny Logan Paul is. He brought a diamond tester to see if my diamonds are real on his podcast. He was in for a surprise.”

Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd then questioned Haase and other Pokemon card collectors for working with Paul. “You don’t know him, bro. Logan Paul, he looks like a good guy, and we thought he was a good guy. But something is fishy. He treats people… You really think he’s a good guy? He makes fun of people in the woods committing suicide and mental health. HE’S SUCH A GREAT GUY!”

The TikTok twins were then kicked from the call and banned from the stream by host ‘The Poke Jew’ who said “Island Boys, if you want Pokemon advice and want help with stuff hit me up. But I don’t want disrespect on my livestreams.”

At the time of writing, Logan Paul has yet to respond to the duo’s latest stunt. But based on their back and forth, it looks like their rivalry is only heating up as the rappers are now crashing his TCG hobby.