IShowSpeed trolls teacher with barking prank during live streamed class

ishowspeed pranks teacher during zoom classYouTube: Live Speedy

YouTube star IShowSpeed livestreamed one of his Zoom classes and pranked his teachers by doing a Kermit voice impression and pretending to be a dog.

IShowSpeed is one of the internet’s more chaotic personalities. From setting off fireworks in his bedroom to pouring cold milk in a vat of hot oil in front of thousands of viewers, Speed’s broadcasts never disappoint.

He’s also known for playing the occasional prank on people from time to time and has even streamed himself doing schoolwork in the past, having asked his viewers for help on a test (which he subsequently failed).

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He shared his educational pursuits with fans during a recent broadcast, where he pranked his teacher by attempting a Kermit voice impression while asking questions about an assignment.

IShowSpeed pranks teacher during livestreamed Zoom class

As if that wasn’t odd enough, he amped up the prank by barking loudly into the microphone, which he pretended was his dog making noise from the other side of the house.

It seemed like the teacher didn’t know that Speed was the one barking as she attempted to speak over his loud noises to answer his question.

“It’s really annoying — see, even your dog is annoyed,” the instructor said over the call.

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“Yeah, my dog is crazy, isn’t he?” Speed remarked. However, despite pranking his teacher, he did claim that she had been “a wonderful teacher this whole year.”

Despite his best efforts, Speed’s prank ended up falling flat; but this is far from the first time he’s barked at someone during a call. Back in 2022, Speed notably started barking out of nowhere during a FaceTime call with MrBeast.

Unlike his teacher, though, MrBeast promptly ended the call after things started to unravel, leaving Speed alone on the other end of the line.