IShowSpeed shocks crowd with performance at Rolling Loud

Virginia Glaze

Streaming star IShowSpeed shocked the crowd by performing at the Rolling Loud music festival in Portugal after finally meeting his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.

IShowSpeed is one of the most prominent streamers on the net. After being banned from Twitch in 2021, Speed has gone on to accrue 18 million subscribers on YouTube, where he streams on a regular basis to the tune of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Speed’s bombastic presence on the website has made him one of YouTube’s top streamers, where he dominated alongside fellow broadcaster Dr Disrespect in 2022.

In 2023, his career is getting even bigger and better. Earlier this year, he and Twitch star Kai Cenat signed a deal with Rumble, scoring their very own live-streamed show on the platform called the ‘Kai ‘N Speed Show.’

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iShowSpeed is one of YouTube’s stop streamers – and now, he can add performing at ‘Rolling Loud’ to his list of ongoing accomplishments.

IShowSpeed shocks fans after performing at Rolling Loud

Things are only going up for Speed, as it was revealed the streamer was set to perform at Rolling Loud in Portugal back in June.

On July 7, Speed finally appeared onstage, leading crowds in the chorus for his song ‘World Cup.’ Fans were obviously hyped by Speed’s performance at the hip hop music festival, with multiple crowd shots showing attendees jumping up and down in excitement.

However, some netizens thought they heard crowds ‘booing’ Speed during his performance. Those claims have been dismissed, as Speed’s fans were instead saying ‘Siu,’ a chant that’s become synonymous with Speed’s idol, football star Cristiano Ronaldo. The term means ‘yes,’ in Portuguese.

Speed also made sure to live stream his time at Rolling Loud on YouTube, which fans can watch as a 32-minute VOD.

This marks yet another major moment in Speed’s career as a streaming superstar after he finally met Cristiano Ronaldo after years of being his biggest fan in June.