IShowSpeed rushed to hospital following severe headache

Carver Fisher
IShowSpeed rushed to hospital for surgery headache

IShowSpeed, one of YouTube’s biggest streamers, posted a video of himself in the back of an ambulance being rushed to the hospital. He reported a serious headache only hours earlier.

IShowSpeed has exploded on YouTube over the past year. From having ridiculous on-stream moments to meeting his football heroes and traveling all around the world, it’s been hard to miss his bombastic rise to fame.

However, the YouTuber wasn’t doing so well in a short video he posted to his channel. Speed revealed that he was diagnosed with having a cluster headache at the time, a severe headache that, while painful, is meant to go away after a short time. Speed’s father reassured fans that his son was okay.

But it appears his condition is much more serious than he or his father initially realized. Speed posted a follow-up video from the back of an ambulance with his head severely swollen.

IShowSpeed rushed to hospital after his eye was swollen shut

Speed gave his fans a brief update on his condition from the back of an ambulance. In the minute-long video, he had a hard time holding his phone up and appeared to have dropped it while filming.

The YouTuber claimed that it feels like someone is “stabbing my eye with a knife” and that he still has a severe headache.

One of Speed’s eyes is entirely swollen shut, rendering him unable to see out of it. He also had a loose wrapping around his head, making it unclear if the swelling spreads up to his forehead or not.

Speed has since given another update and, after going to multiple doctors, it’s been revealed that he had a serious sinus infection. According to slipper, a friend that’s in Tokyo with him, Speed could have permanently lost vision in that eye if things went differently.

Speed has since been released from the hospital and, though his eye is still swollen, he’s going to be alright. Slipper went out of his way to thank Japan for the “amazing healthcare” in Tokyo.

Speed said in his original video that he’s going to chill on travel a bit after this incident and give himself some time to rest and recover.