IShowSpeed’s dad gives health update after YouTuber was in agony while filming

Shay Robson
IShowSpeed holding his face in agony next to his dad

IShowSpeed’s dad has given fans an update on his son’s health after the YouTube star posted a video revealing he has a cluster headache.

In a YouTube short posted on July 28, the 18-year-old sparked worries among his fans after sharing a concerning health issue.

The YouTuber, who was clearly in agony while making the video, revealed that he has a cluster headache, making it difficult for him to even open his eyes, explaining it’s the worst thing he’s ever experienced.

“You guys, I want to make this video if I die. Right now, I have one of the worst experiences I’m having right now guys. I can’t even open up my eyes,” he said with pain in his voice. “I have this thing called a cluster headache right now. A deadly headache disease. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t do anything right now.”

Speed continued: “It hurts so bad chat, It hurts so bad. I can’t do anything, like anything it just hurts. Everything I do is like something pounding my head every time and… I’m so angry. It just hurts, like even now it hurts. I can’t do sh*t. There’s no care to this. I want to let you all know love y’all if anything happens.”

Speed’s dad gives update after concerning “cluster headache”

With many worried after the YouTuber went dark across all social media platforms, Speed’s father Darren Sr. shared an update, assuring fans that his son is okay, and thanked them all for their concerns and prayers.

“This is Daddy Speed right here, I’m just giving you guys an update on Junior. Junior is doing much better, he was just not feeling himself,” he said. “We don’t ever say sick, we just say he wasn’t feeling himself, and he made sure that he got himself taken care of.

“So, that being said, he’s good. I thank you guys for all your concerns, your prayers, and we thank you guys for being there because he’s only doing this for you guys.”

He added: “He’s working hard for you guys so that you guys can see him making good content for you all. So let’s keep encouraging him, and keep motivating him.”

Cluster headaches are a rare type of severe headache that begin quickly and without warning, and are often described as a sharp, burning or piercing sensation on one side of the head.

Thankfully, they are not life-threatening, although the YouTuber will likely take a few days away from streaming.

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