IShowSpeed celebrates July 4 by causing havoc with return of infamous Pikachu fireworks

Ethan Dean
IShowSpeed fireworks indoorsYouTube: Live Speedy

Often chaotic YouTuber IShowSpeed decided to celebrate America’s Independence with a fireworks display that nearly set a house ablaze. This comes exactly a year after the fire department was called to his home for the exact same thing.

When he’s not dodging arson charges, IShowSpeed can be found dodging punches at the FA Cup or giving away Teslas with David Dobrik.

His content is characterized by an almost trademarked sense of bedlam that has rocketed him to online stardom. Speed’s main channel has nearly doubled in size since his last dabble into in-door pyrotechnics with a hefty 18.1 million subs to his name.

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Now, looking to celebrate July 4 with a bang, the popular internet celeb decided to spark the same Pikachu firework that caused so much trouble the first time around last year.

To give Speed his due, the video does feature a disclaimer: “Everything in this video was done by trained professionals with medical supervision. Please do not try this at home

However, the veracity of this claim is obviously up in the air as, well, we’ve all seen how things worked out last time Speed set off fireworks indoors.

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Though it is worth mentioning some attempts at safety appear to have been made when compared to the original video posted last fourth of July. However, despite not being surrounded by cardboard and wrapping paper this time, the firework is still set off on a bed with flammable blankets and elevated by a chair so that sparks hit the roof.

Speed begins the video by clearing minors out of the room before then setting the suspicious off-brand-looking Pikachu alight. Sparks and smoke soon filled the room setting off alarms and spectators alike.

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If the full video fails to load, click here to watch directly on YouTube.

iShowSpeed could then be seen apparently passed out and breathing heavily. However, videos have been posted to his channel since and the YouTuber is seemingly okay despite the aftermath.

There’s no word on how this incident will affect his performance in a potential boxing match with UK TikTokker Mizzy. But given this now appears to be an annual tradition of sorts, we’ll no doubt see Speed inflicting more damage to himself next year as he ramps up the indoor firework spectacle.

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