Austin McBroom melts down as RV home appears to get repossessed

Virginia Glaze

ACE Family YouTube star Austin McBroom had a meltdown when his RV apparently got repossessed after parking the mobile home behind the house of his ex-wife, Catherine Paiz.

YouTube couple Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz became internet famous thanks to their popular family channel, The ACE Family.

The pair shook up social media after announcing their divorce in January 2024, with Catherine citing “irrevocable challenges” as the reason for their split.

Although the pair aim to co-parent peacefully, McBroom’s behavior as of late has convinced many fans that he isn’t taking his breakup very well.

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Over the last few weeks, McBroom has been incessantly posting Snapchat videos that are drawing some concern from viewers — on top of the fact that he moved into an RV, which he parked right outside Catherine’s home.

He was eventually served a neighborhood watch notice and warned that he would be towed if he didn’t move his RV. While he relocated to a neighbor’s property, it looks like the city caught up to him, and towed his mobile home away on February 8.

Austin McBroom furious as RV home gets towed

McBroom documented the ordeal in a series of videos on Snapchat, where he angrily confronted the man sent out to tow his RV, loudly shouting, “No!”

He went inside his RV to speak with a friend filming the incident, admitting that the vehicle was getting repossessed and that he hadn’t actually paid for it in cash, as he had previously boasted.

“I lied. I didn’t pay it in cash,” he admitted, toothpaste covering his mouth. “It was a lease, and I’ve just been paying it monthly. I’m running behind on the payments.”

“What should I do right now?” he continued. “He’s really taking my sh*t!”

After attempting to bribe the tow truck driver with cash, McBroom attempted to unhook the truck from his RV and hopped into the driver’s seat as though he wanted to drive off with it.

The driver convinced Austin to get out of his truck, warning him that he had to “get out of here.” McBroom then went and sat sadly on the ground in front of a tree, sobbing.


Snapchats taken after the supposed repossession of Austin’s RV show the YouTuber speeding down residential roads in a seemingly manic state, adding to the ongoing chaos surrounding his recent behavior — which many viewers believe is merely a ploy for views.

For Catherine’s part, she is wishing him the best, admitting that she doesn’t understand her ex-husbands “coping” methods.

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