Austin McBroom on neighborhood watch alert after parking RV behind ex-wife’s home

Virginia Glaze

Austin McBroom claims he’s been put on alert from the neighborhood watch after seemingly parking his RV behind the home of his ex-wife, Catherine Paiz.

The drama surrounding the ACE Family’s Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz has put fans into a frenzy.

On January 11, 2024, the YouTube-famous couple announced their divorce after seven years of marriage and three children. Paiz notably cited “irreconcilable challenges” as a reason for their split in an Instagram post that went viral online.

Although both Paiz and McBroom say they broke things off amicably and hope to maintain a friendly co-parenting relationship, fans aren’t convinced that Austin is taking their breakup very well, at all.

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Ever since then, McBroom has been incessantly posting on Snapchat. His strange behavior has sparked both annoyance and concern from viewers, who claim the YouTuber may be spiraling due to the fallout of his divorce.

That’s not all; McBroom also revealed that he’s currently living out of an RV behind Catherine’s home, saying he wants to be as close to his family as possible.

Austin called his living situation a “temporary solution,” saying it was the “best [he] could do” for now — but it looks like the ACE Family patriarch might not be welcome in Catherine’s neighborhood for much longer.

Austin McBroom served ticket for parking RV outside ex-wife’s home

In another Snapchat post, McBroom showed himself holding a notice that reads, “Neighborhood watch alert.”

Behind him, tucked underneath the windshield wipers of his RV, is another notice that reads, “Violation. This vehicle is [parked] illegally.”


McBroom went on to explain his situation in a video shortly thereafter, saying he woke up to find the ticket on his windshield.

“Woke up this morning to a damn ticket,” he said. “7:13, they left a f*ckin’ ticket on my windshield, saying that, ‘Neighborhood watch alert. This area is for residents only.’ Even though I used to live there.”

“What officer did this?” he continued. “People do not want me to be close to my kids.”

McBroom claims that a neighbor allowed him to park by their home in the meantime — but it’s clear that he’s frustrated by this latest turn of events in the ongoing saga of the ACE Family divorce.

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