KSI admits he’s “disappointed” with Deji over Alex Wassabi boxing loss

YouTube: KSI, Deji

YouTube star KSI has issued his response to the ShowStar influencer boxing event that took place this weekend… and he’s not happy with his little brother, Deji’s, performance.

When it comes to influencer boxing, it’s safe to say that KSI is one of the few creators who pioneered the trend.

KSI’s bouts against longtime rival Logan Paul and his fight with the UK’s Joe Weller sparked a viral fad that has influencers all over the world settling their differences in the ring.

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KSI’s younger brother, Deji, notably fought his very first boxing match against Jake Paul during KSI vs Logan Paul in August 2018 — a match Deji ended up losing.

deji vs alex wassabi fight dayShowstar Boxing
YouTubers Deji and Alex Wassabi faced off on March 5, with Wassabi ultimately emerging the victor.

Deji went on to rack up a second loss against Vinnie Hacker in 2021’s YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing showdown, giving him a 0-2 record.

Hoping to finally score a W, Deji faced off with YouTuber Alex Wassabi for ShowStar Boxing’s UK vs USA influencer boxing event on March 5… but this, too, proved a loss for the influencer.

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Two days after the bout went down, big bro KSI weighed in on the matter in a heated YouTube video, saying he is “disappointed” in his little brother over his third boxing loss in as many fights.

KSI slams Deji over Alex Wassabi boxing loss

“Deji, I’m disappointed,” KSI began. “That’s honestly how I feel, man. I’m sorry if that’s not what you wanna hear, but it’s the truth.”

“I’m not gonna lie to you — I expected more from you,” he continued. “First of all, tactic-wise, how did you ever think you were gonna win this fight? What was the game plan? You’re the shorter fighter, you’ve got a smaller reach.”

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“You can fool your audience, Deji, but you can’t fool me. You simply didn’t do enough.”

KSI made no bones about his distaste for Alex Wassabi before slamming the video Deji published after the fight — where he notably said he wants to continue boxing — saying it “p*ssed” him off.

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Alex Wassabi calls out KSI over comments on Deji

Shortly after KSI’s video aired, Alex Wassabi took to Instagram to publicly call out KSI for “kicking your little brother when he’s down.”

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KSI didn’t seem to take this verbal blow all to seriously, replying: “Na, I’m just letting him know that you’re s**t and he should have wiped the floor with you.”

KSI’s comments follow claims of a “rigged” fight on the ShowStar boxing card, with FaZe Temperrr filing an appeal after losing his bout against King Kenney.

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