Austin McBroom opens a lemonade stand and everyone is confused

Virginia Glaze

ACE Family YouTube star Austin McBroom has opened a lemonade stand after separating from ex-wife Catherine Paiz, leaving fans confused at his behavior.

In January 2024, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz announced their separation after seven years of marriage and three children together.

News of their split didn’t exactly shock fans, as rumors of Austin’s supposed infidelity have circled social media for years now.

Viewers are also convinced that Austin isn’t taking his impending divorce very well, given the behavior exhibited in his recent Snapchat videos — such as him moving into an RV and parking it directly outside his ex-wife’s home.

Now, Austin is engaging in some equally concerning behavior that’s leaving netizens scratching their heads as the ACE Family divorce saga continues.

Austin McBroom opens a lemonade stand in erratic Snapchat videos

In early February, netizens keeping an eye on Austin’s Snapchat were treated to a series of videos showing the YouTuber making a grocery run, where claimed he was his “own boss” and purchased some ingredients for lemonade and horchata.

The YouTuber returned home and assembled the two drinks in massive jugs, which he set up outside a Westfield mall in a makeshift lemonade stand, where he hawked his wares to passersby. 

That’s not all; Austin also had a box for cash labeled ‘Fundraiser,’ along with some Top Ramen noodle packets wrapped in tinfoil for sale.

It doesn’t seem like Austin’s erratic behavior is showing any signs of slowing down, based on his latest business venture — and the internet can’t help but gawk at the drama happening live for all to see.

“It’s the fact that Austin McBroom is out here acting like he’s homeless with his makeshift lemonade stand and hot pockets sh*t stand with a ‘fundraising’ sign asking for money from random strangers when he gets paid thousands of dollars per Snapchat post for me,” one user wrote on Twitter/X.

“Austin McBroom losing it… bro now has a lemonade stand,” another laughed.

However, there are quite a few viewers who believe that McBroom is simply putting on a charade for views, with one arguing, “Austin McBroom is playing us and it’s so obvious now. A LEMONADE STAND?”

For her part, Catherine Paiz has claimed her ex’s “coping behavior is beyond me,” but is wishing him the best as he continues to figure out his feelings in the midst of their divorce.