Influencer claims Vlog Squad member broke her foot and “ruined” her life

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Influencer and model Annelise JR has claimed that a Vlog Squad member broke her foot in 2018, sparking the onset of a chronic illness and necessitating numerous surgeries.

Annelise JR is an influencer and model who once dated former Vlog Squad member Joe Vulpis. However, in 2018, she claims an incident occurred that ultimately ended her good vibes with David Dobrik’s friend group.

On November 4, the influencer opened up about the occurrence in a series of Instagram stories after a fan asked why she’d broken up with Vulpis.

She claimed that, during her time hanging out with David Dobrik’s group of friends in 2018, an unnamed Vlog Squad member had stepped on her foot twice, breaking it.

Annelise Marie opens up about broken foot
Annelise is an influencer and model who used to vlog with David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad.

Annelise JR claims Vlog Squad pressured her not to speak out

Annelise alleged that she was “pressured” not to say anything to anyone, saying the situation caused her to become depressed and claiming she developed PTSD.

“That incident literally ruined my life and I have chronic pain every day,” she wrote. “Multiple surgeries, two hours of physical therapy a day. Simple things like sitting in a chair can cause bad pain.”

Annelise Marie broken foot instagram story
Annelise opened up about her broken foot for the second time since first publicly speaking out about the event in July 2021.

Annelise JR suffers from lympheneda and May-Thurner syndrome, a rarely-diagnosed condition that causes iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis (a type of blood clot) in the legs. Marie claims that her May-Thurner’s is linked to her broken foot.

That’s not all; she also alleged that doctors had told her she can no longer conceive due to her condition.

Annelise Marie on vlog squad broken foot
Annelise JR suffers from May-Thurner syndrome, a chronic condition that causes deep vein thrombosis in the leg.

However, Annelise said she will not reveal the identity of the person who broke her foot, claiming that she does not want them to get harassed and that the incident was merely an accident.

This isn’t the first time she has made these allegations; she also broke the news during a Twitch stream in July 2021, around the time that she and Vulpis parted ways. Marie claimed that she had received death threats as a result of their breakup.

Annelise JR’s newest comments come months after her initial stream about the situation, following a slew of allegations against David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad.

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